The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Last Post: August 14, 2022

The story revolves around Andy Loscer in the continent of Ybirth, where magic is circulated and used to serve life economics, even killing. Andy Loscer is a boy with white skin, reddish-brown eyes, dark brown hair and the power hidden inside his body is thr element of darkness, he comes from the Town, Andy had passed away his intire family after one night, they were killed by the Ghost race, he harbored hatred in his heart and wantes to join his friend Helena Rhee, Zac Rhee,... to avenge, kill them all. Duing the trip they have to go throught many hardship to find out the truth about this corrupt capital. Thanks to the journey, they meet many different teammates and help them reach the final point is the capital. Andy and his friend will fund out the truth, expose the falsity that exists in this continent of Ybirth. And each meeting with new people will be battles, pain, understanding and mourning. From those pieces, it will create a real peace, which is that Andy longs for. Find the proper feedom and help the innocent people attacked imprisoned by the Ghost race, even enslaving them. Despite the evil deeds, the capital had not moved, but instead of the help of the leader just take his head, all hatred will end immediately. Andy swore to himself that we would find out the truth and kill all the Ghost tace.