The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 4, 2022
Ch. 8Chapter 8: The Group

While Tybur was gazing at the sky and the earth, after fantasizing for a moment about the good future in the town, he began to feel satisfied with what water magicians from the outside world had brought to the Village. The town was dying, thanks to this all people from outsine, they made this land so beautiful, but he could not know that there was a potential danger that was gradually appearing in the dim, although Tybur knew that people were missing in the village, he did not want to find out about this or inform the people, because now he doesn't want everyone in the village to live in fear and leave the village because there is a Ghost in his place.

Dash was angry at Tybur's nonchalant behavior, so he kicked the bucket of water next to him to control his anger, in case someone was hurt by his anger of himself, when he was in the rain, he saw a group of Rudese's people moving to the place of the abandoned house, he was shocked to think so much that he decided to follow the movements of the people full of guilt. this error.

"Surely they, what are they planning to do with this village? We'll just have to investigate, if we wait for Tybur to get involved, it'll all be over or the village is gone. This village is ruined."

Dash crept and silently followed a blond guy in Rudese's group, fortunately, along the way, there were always bushes, wooden crates, and many other objects blocking his view, so he easily covered it. Hide your presence to easily track events. Seeing them stop at the abandoned house, according to Dash's thoughts, they entered the decaying wooden house and closed the door slowly so as not to make any sound. Dash quickly ran over to follow, through the broken window in the left corner of the house, he looked inside the house and saw them opening the hatch and starting to descend quickly with a hurried look.

"Where are they going? How do they know there's a trapdoor in this abandoned house? Strange! It's like they've lived here for a long time? Or... have they lived here and explored every nook and cranny of this house?"

Dash decided to hide inside the wild strawberry bushes to wait for them to come out, then he would sneak inside with the oil lamp in his hand. He remembers in his mind, that there were about eight people who went down there, when he went up he would have to count 8 people to dare to go down. Dash sat in the wild strawberry bushes for about two or three hours, when he saw Rudese's group begin to go outside, he quickly regained his senses and counted the number of people coming out:

"One, two, three... six, seven, eight. Enough, haha! I think it's time for me to be the hero of this village, okay let's go."

Dash lit his kerosene lamp and started approaching the decaying wooden house, slowly entering it when he noticed something strange. He could still hear the sounds of people somewhere around, thinking it was the sounds of people being kidnapped, so Dash opened the door and burst in to see a big guy with Rudese talking to each other, on the floor was the corpse of a girl brutally murdered by them, he sweated in anxiety and then shouted out in fear.

"What the hell are you doing? Scary barbarians, as I first thought, you're a bunch of Ghosts, hurry... Get the hell out of this village."

Rudese and his subordinates turned to look at Dash with a strange face, they saw his scared expression, the subordinate ran over and pinned him down with his muscular body, and Rudese took steps. walked slowly, knelt, pressed Dash's cheek with his left hand, and said:

"Don't worry too much... It'll be your turn too, but by the way, why don't you sleep at home when it's so cool That's bad!"

Rudese scratched a line on Dash's face to tease him, a stream of fresh blood ran down his mouth making Ruduse underlying feel enamored with those lips, but he chose to restrain himself so as not to be bullied by his boss, he will be slaped by him.

"Calm down Hunk, you should save your stomach for meals in the next six days... If you're so voracious, I'm afraid you won't be able to eat well in the distant future, so... Eat less, I just advise you, eat too much and get fat, then move slowly."

Hearing Rudese's words, Hunk stopped his hunger and looked at Dash's pale blue pupils. He smiles happily at the perversion in his eyes, through actions such as groping Dash's body, licking each of his fingers, and finally using his large hand to rub it, this soft butt. Dash was so scared that someone just wanted to save him, but suddenly realizing that his throat couldn't scream anymore, he turned his desperate gaze to look up at his mixed orange pupils Rudese's red.

Rudese realized that Dash knew he couldn't talk anymore, he smiled elegantly and grabbed Dash's hair and pulled it up to talk like contempt.

"Don't be so disheartened my boy, I'm sure my Jutsu has worked on you already. Will destroy your lovely palate at first so you won't make any sound nothing more, after that, will be each limb and then consciousness, you will become a toy for Hunk to satisfy his crazy desires, he is a strong man.

Dash heard those disgusting words and was terrified, tears and snots mixed, his face darkened with fear, at this point Dash just wanted to struggle and run away from "the embrace" by Hunk and Rudese. His limbs started to become soft, Hunk realized this so he lifted his large corpse and smiled.

"My bride, I will make you the happiest on your wedding night! So please listen to me obediently, I promise to take good care of your body."

Rudese smiled faintly at Dash, who lit a cigarette in his hand and smoked it, then exhaled a puff of white smoke into the unfortunate guy's face. Dash coughed heavily and looked at Rudese's smug expression with his scornful eyes. Rudese didn't say much, just put his hand on Hunk's shoulder and started whispering:

"Just be a beast, become a glutton like never before, now he's your bride, your man. Enjoy this pleasure, I'm leaving."

Rudese opened the door to go outside, he looked at the sky, it was now sunny, the morning light shone down on all species, the trees of the Village began to become greener than ever, he left with a scream. Dash's pain and Hunk's lustful laugh. In that decaying wooden house, no one knew that a tragedy was unfolding barbaric.

This time at Andy's house, where Mrs. Ferty is cooking for Thanksgiving. Andy was happily cooking delicious food with his grandmother when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Celica went to help open the door when she saw a girl named Mona was holding a plate of shredded chicken and raw meat. Knowing that Mona is Mr. Henry's daughter, she has come here to apologize for the behavior her father has caused Andy and ask for forgiveness.

"Oh... Hi Celica, is there Mrs. Ferty or Andy at home? I wanted to give him this plate of chicken to eat after that fatal wound, but I don't know if he was at home again?"

Celica caught a glimpse of Mona's people, she was a gentle person with long, silky blue hair, the ends of her hair were wavy like waves, her dark blue pupils were like a deep blue ocean, slender body with modest height and weight and full of vitality like flowers blooming in the middle of a battlefield. Mona is very different from Henry, from personality to appearance has nothing in common, because she resembles her late mother more, Celica uses her polite voice to ask Mona that

"Ah, Andy and Mrs. Ferty are in the kitchen, if you want to see them you can go inside and down to the kitchen!"

Mona lowered her face as if embarrassed and full of guilt, she began to lower her voice to speak her mind and tell everything to Celica to feel relieved, even though she had such a small body. The figure that any woman wants to have is very sweet and sociable, but no one wants to be friends with her, because they are afraid of her father's mood swings.

"I... I feel like I don't have the face to meet them anymore, because of my father's matter, I don't dare to say anything or anymore... About that chicken, that chicken hide there or somewhere else, outside the range of the chicken coop, so my father looked around but couldn't find it, it turned out to be at Mr. William's house, I felt that when I ran back with a panicked face, I guess he was after causing trouble here, I feel so ashamed and want to face them to apologize, but always feel like I will never be forgiven?"

After listening, Celica also seemed to understand Mona's mind, the girl also felt sympathy and began to think to help Mona with her intellect to relieve the kind sister standing in front of her.

"I know, you listen to me. You just go inside the house with me. I'll go! I will help you not to be shy when you meet them, anyway, I will support you with all my heart because I think there is more my words will put them at ease and calm their anger, I think Andy will be fine, because he is easygoing, and Mrs. Ferty is the biggest obstacle."

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