Sonitaolise | Sep 17, 2021
HEARTS FIRE---- When a rebellious child, fall her back on the wall, she must need all the help in order to save her father's legacy!!! By being the contracted wife to billionaire Alvin Fisher.
Levi | Sep 17, 2021
Dianne had been sheltered for her whole life. She grew up having silver spoon in her mouth. She had everything. Friends, wealth, and anything she could ask. Everything is well. But not until a guy stirred her life. Let's all find out and get to know, Dianne.
Elena Lane | Sep 17, 2021
Tabitha Collins and Braxton Decker aren’t meant to be together. Tabitha and Braxton’s family have been feuding for decades; so, the last thing her parents want is for Tabitha to have anything to do with Braxton. Besides, Tabitha has her eyes set on Jared Blakely, son...
Sonitaolise | Sep 16, 2021
Sara Scott- best graduating student of economics, but what happens when she gets a job as a nanny to Liam Khan's son, will spark fly or will she get into trouble by falling for her boss. READ TO FIND OUT
Kemmy | Sep 15, 2021
Let me just ask you something." "Okay, ask away." "The bet, what else did you bet on?" "Well, we bet on your boob size, your favorite position while having sex..." while she said it, I was actually getting very angry. "You know what, I don't want to hear it. Please go...
Sevenstar | Sep 14, 2021
Li XingYue was a workaholic person whose priorities were to live free and independent, but her mom was determined to see her daughter getting married. Hoping that her daughter will successfully settle down with her lovely husband, XingYue’s mom wouldn’t take “no” as an...
Caylee Jacobs | Sep 14, 2021
When Nathan McLain sees his brother proposing the woman of his dreams, Leslie, he is furious and heartbroken. Determined to make Leslie realize that she has made the wrong decision, Nathan drafts a plan and to execute, he needs a partner. Kate Simons is in love with...
Brenna Hanson | Sep 12, 2021
After her wedding to the new king of The People of the Trees, Natalia faces a life completely foreign to the one she grew up in at Stonewood Castle or the one she had grown into at Sorrow’s Keep. Can she learn the ways of her new people or will her failure dissolve the...
Naneth | Sep 11, 2021
You've always read a book that starts bad and ends like a fairytale. But what if it's a book that doesn't end as you wish? Will you still read it? Will you still read this one? Her heart that was broken by the man she loved, loves, and will always will, It's something...
Kemmy | Sep 8, 2021
A billionaire who thinks his wife is cheating on him, chasing her out of his life, Five years later, he finds out he has a daughter and his trying to win back his ex wife. Will he succeed? or will he lose her forever.