ML James | May 30, 2023
Thrillers, mysteries, suspense, satire... and everything in between. > A family is on the run from danger, but with each step they take, more danger looms ahead. Not all will make it on this perilous journey. > A single mom whose child has strange powers and is...
RizzEditions | Mar 30, 2023
Kim Dongyoung was the best big brother anyone could ask for. Caring, responsible, understandable, supportive and appreciative. His only motive was to keep his little brother happy till his last breath even if he had to sacrifice his anything and everything to his...
Bethel-Gold | Feb 28, 2023
After graduating college and learning of a secret, Cade Lorenzo set off to a foreign country in search for his parents to know why they left and just to know who they are. There he met with a lady whom he had connected with over the internet and had been talking to for...
StarIntheNight | Feb 28, 2023
Ten of them left. Ten of them also returned. What they don't know, one of them was left behind. Who is in disguise? Who is the Faker? To the eyes that watch us from the darkness. Are you a real or faker?
How you accept the truth if where you are right now is okay and satisfied to your life. What if one day all of that is a lie.
M.D. LaBelle | Jan 23, 2023
astrodee | Jan 19, 2023
The curse that doomed the family to an eternity of bloodthirst was cast long ago. For untold centuries, they were destined to transform into wild animals at night, becoming lethal black beasts driven by a raging fever and an insatiable thirst. Autumn Herrera was the...
ML James | Dec 30, 2022
SHE ESCAPED!! But where will she go now? Where... how will she live? What and who will she call her own? Did she even do the right thing by running away?
ML James | Dec 29, 2022
This CEO is obsessed with his secretary who happens to be a heartbroken girl living all on her own. He won't let her go, but she desperately wants him to. What will she do?
M.D. LaBelle | Dec 17, 2022
Hope Miller is the girl next door. Everyone likes her, but she doesn't have that spark that Joseph Anderson is looking for in a mate. When he thinks of her, he thinks of one word. Plain. Unfortunately, Hope has other ideas. When she walks in on Joseph with another girl...