Brute's Paradise
By Sukanya Gupta
Last Post: May 15, 2024

This is the sequel to the book ‘Angel’s Brute’. It starts one and a half years after Aditya flew away to Manhattan with Nandana and Rishi. However, have their lives changed? Has the brute become sane or his obsession for his angel has increased more? Is Nandana safe in his brute’s paradise or she is caged? Has Aditya got involved in the mafia world or has his friendship with Aryan turned bitter due to some cause? Who are Aabir and Aarav and what are their secrets? To know all these, peep inside the pages. It will be another roller coaster ride for Aditya and Nandana with twists of mafia, suspense, hidden obsession and of course, intense romance.

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