Angel's Brute
By Sukanya Gupta
Last Post: June 14, 2022

Nandana Basu. What should be said about her? An angel in a human face? A devoted daughter, a loving sister or an ideal teacher? Actually, all of them. She believes people can’t buy everything with money. Happiness, peace, love and emotion are priceless. They only come by equal reciprocation. Her not so colourful life was going in a very normal way until she met the person, Aditya Oberoi. A shrewd flamboyant politician who believes exactly the opposite. Money and power can buy everything. We just have to know the exact price. A rich person by birth and also an orphan since childhood. His colourful life with beauty and wine was going well until he met Nandana. This is a romantic saga knitted with dark yet pure love. A story of love, tears and ultimate passion.