Sennanguyen | Aug 29, 2022
Happiness is a luxury, why didn't God let me receive it, or because my fate was so unlucky that I didn't receive love and protection in the first place? So maybe I have never found my happiness and home so that I can understand how sacred that feeling is, so I...
Abalt Diamond | Aug 20, 2022
In the process of ruling the whole kingdom by themselves, the four gods got themselves entangled which crumbled the whole kingdom. To make things right a demigod was born. Will he be able to shoulder the responsibility?
FX777222999 | Aug 18, 2022
In the beginning, a beautiful girl, a stranger, the ancestors ... the werewolves .... their love and togetherness provoke an endless war buried under the face of humanity in the Philippine Islands. The family secret begins to unravel when Mary, the beautiful girl,...
Aezelle Lee | Jul 30, 2022
ALEXIS was so desperate to find a medicine for diarrhea. He eventually bumped with a pharmaceutical scientist and took a medicine he personally formulated in frustration. His only intention was to help Tom who’s also having a stomachache. But while he was staying in...
Author Sasha | Jul 27, 2022
It's been three years since Addie Winchester's fiance left her after she was accused of stealing his family priceless heirlooms. She narrowly escapes jail, but has to skip town because the little town hates her. The her grandfather gets sick and Addie jumps at the...
Chibi Deiji | Jul 16, 2022
Do you once imagine a place where there's a high paying job but cheap prices of supplies and low bills of rent, water and electricity? Sitio De Villasarza is known because of it. Many people move here because they believe that there's a lot of advantages offered for...
Faxuias Haven | Jul 14, 2022
Reign Azalea Mendez, is a innocent and understanding college student. She already contented in her life. Slowly healing from her past. She thought her life will be normal forever but it doesn't last long. In unknown reason, she doesn't know why someone after her. Her...
Ribbxed | Jul 8, 2022
Want to find peace? You're in the right place.
Ribbxed | Jul 2, 2022
They said "The truth will set you free". How far Laura can set herself free through the truth? Let's find out how will endure all of this in herself.
Black_Venomink | Jun 30, 2022
It's hard to seek who's hiding. Chase, chase, chase... Unending chase. Join them by chasing the person behind the PSEUDONYM.