By Lizzy Kings
Last Post: April 2, 2024

"In the shadow of towering affluence, Jake, a resilient gardener striving for a better life, finds himself entangled in a web of heartache and adversity.

From the condescension of a wealthy employer to the heartbreak of a love gone awry, Jake's journey unfolds in the unforgiving streets of the city.

Faced with humiliation, betrayal, and a relentless struggle for survival, Jake battles not only the external storms but the demons within.

Will his spirit withstand the trials, or will the city's callous streets consume the flicker of hope within him?

'Shattered Petals' is a tale of endurance, redemption, and the indomitable strength found in the face of life's harshest tests".

You need 5 points to view each paid chapter.

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