The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2: The violence

  Celica felt a part sad, also a bit angry when she heard Andy's scolding, she began to frown and looked at the friend in front of her to speak her thoughts and feelings that she had hidden, hidden in her heart.

   "You... I don't know what to say or explain, I can't bury my life in here and be poor forever, I'm a girl! I need to be pampered and be treated?"

  Andy hears her words blindly, causing him to have a different view of his childhood friend, the girl in front of Andy is not the gentle, sweet, and kind of the past, but now it's a different person. A weak person, lusting for wealth and treasures, pearls and ivory. He knew that everyone has their ambition, but Andy couldn't help Celica has a better life, so he had to let go of her hand and leave quietly.

  Celica finds it difficult to understand because Andy is a talkative person, she thinks that when he tells her that he will leave the village with his family, he will have many words to try to hold her back.  But contrary to thought, Celica felt disappointed when she was able to utter those words again, and she didn't know what to say, so she had to watch Andy walk away.  Celica took a deep breath and let out a long sigh to calm herself, she encouraged herself:

  "Celica, fighting myself... but why do I always feel guilty? Maybe I... like him? No! I can't... I need to go home, I need... him!?"

   Celica sighed as she looked at the villagers who were grieving because this year's crop was severely lacking in water, she also felt that this land could no longer live, this was a dead land, only the stubborn people,  It was arrogant to agree to stay in this place. Celica turned and returned to her house to prepare with her father for a long journey.

  "Goodbye Town, goodbye Andy."

   By this time it was noon, the people in the village could not stand this intense heat, so they had to go home, in the village at that time there was only a bucket of water containing about twenty-five liters of water. they dare not use it for bathing or irrigation at all, this meager amount of water is used for drinking for about two or three days.  Because there are only ninety-six people in the village up to now.

  Andy goes back to his cramped house, the first thing he does is use the remaining water to water the Terra tree planted in a small pot by his father and mother.  Mrs. Ferty seeing this, shook her head and began to grumble saying:

   "Andy... we don't have enough water to do this nonsense, so let's let it dry with..."

   "With my parents, Mrs. Ferty? I would never do that, anyway, this is the present mom and dad gave me for my birthday."

   After hearing those stubborn words, was also very heartbroken about the deaths of her son and daughter-in-law.  But she didn't want anyone to mention it, so she rolled her eyes with an angry expression and looked at Andy, and began to scold him severely:

   "You don't mention your parents okay Andy? I'm feeling pretty tired, I'll say this one last time, if you mention them one more time I'll break the pot that damn flower!"

  Andy also doesn't want to argue with his grandmother, no matter how wrong she is, he must remember what his mother told him to say that the glasses are above and below, he crept into his narrow room and ignored the words full of bitterness of the grandmother. Andy can't blame his grandmother either, because every time she's away, it's her hand that takes care of him, the young man jumps into bed with a tired face, sweat-drenched by this hot and humid air. Andy has a habit of closing his eyes tightly and starting to recall the beautiful memories that began to come back.

  It was a sunny afternoon, the orange and purple sunsets blended to form a perfect scene, under that colorful sunshine was Andy's happy family including him, his parents, and his grandmother. Andy at this time was very young, his face was very innocent when playing with his father. The whole family got together and started talking about the future, such as having a new house that can shelter from the sun and rain, a horse-drawn carriage, and lots of money.

   Thinking about these things also makes everyone happy and excited, especially Andy. Suddenly a loud knocking sound outside the door broke his dreamy thoughts, Andy woke up from a dream to hear a quarrel outside, he quickly ran out to see Mrs. Ferty and Mr. Henry. He's a neighbor and a very picky guy.  Mr. Henry kept calling Andy a thief because he had lost his beloved chicken and blamed Mrs. Ferty's grandson for stealing it.

  Mrs. Ferty is a person who loves her grandchildren very much, so she stood up to defend her poor nephew. As for Andy, it was extremely difficult to understand when Mr.Henry accused him of being a thief who stole his chicken, seeing her nephew showing a bewildered expression in pity, she raised her voice even louder to protect her grandchild.

   "Hey Mr. Henry, you mustn't insult my nephew, do you have any proof against my nephew?!"

   "Evidence? Proof? It's ridiculous, let me show you, I'm sure you'll have to shut your mouth after seeing it!"

  Mr. Henry reached into his pocket as if to take something out, what he took out was Andy's bracelet that he had dropped the day before, he was also quite surprised when it was in his hand, but it wasn't much fun when the memento itself was proof that he had stolen Mr. Henry's chickens. 
  "What? Like to argue or not, Mrs. Ferty, I don't want to make a big deal of it, but that chicken is my whole fortune and this bracelet belongs to your nephew Andy."


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