The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 6 Chapter 6: Kind of Celica

"Phhhh, what did you just give me a taste of, Celica? It's painful and scary... and strangely enough, it almost paralyzes me!"

Celica saw Andy's pained expression and felt guilty about herself, she slowly stood up and turned her body three or four times in front of him to show off her slim body and moving wall her actions, she said in a seductive voice:

"Sorry to hurt you, I've turned around my body about three or four times so you can see my body, if you're interested in my body so you could... forgive me!"

Andy puffed out his cheeks with a shy expression and raised his gaze to the corner of the wall where his family drawings hung and sternly said to Celica:

"No, you sit down on the chair, if you keep spinning like that, you're like a pinwheel?"

Celica shyly sat down because Andy called her a pinwheel, she drank tea while looking at his pale red pupils and stopped her drink to continue the story after resting to regain her strength...

"Does your grandmother know anything about you having nightmares Andy? Or does she know anything about you having this elemental power? If so... you should remind your grandmother about this, because what you carry isn't something ordinary."

After listening, Andy put his hand on his head to scratch and began to think about this, while closing his eyes and thinking about it, after a long while, he also remembered and told Celica that:

"My grandmother doesn't know anything, she seems to only care about my health, it's this behavior that I know how much my grandmother loves me!"

After hearing that, Celica smiled because she felt Andy was happy, then she slowly looked up at Andy with her loving eyes and lowered her voice, saying:

"You're so lucky, Andy, having such a kind grandmother doesn't make up for it... he's always worried about money, never asked or cared about his daughter. But I tell you, you mustn't reveal your secrets to anyone, not even your grandmother. very much."

After listening, Andy also nodded to agree to understand, he also knew that he was very different from other people now, he would not let the terrifying power inside him make others afraid or shun himself. Andy looked up at his friend, he began to ask about Celica's true identity:

"Celica... who are you? And... how do you know these things? The book in your hand too, where did you get it?"

After listening to this, Celica also remained motionless in the rotten room, the candlelight flickering due to the strong winds blowing in from the outside, the sound of rain "clattering" on the roof, and the sound of water dripping from the damaged roofs leak, Celica took a deep breath and released herself to tell Andy a long story, the story of the origin of this book, and the truth of the land of Ybirth.

"Okay... I'll tell.

My mother used to be a traveler, she spent her whole youth traveling this 1/3 of Ybirth and collecting many magical artifacts, you see. The stones attached to this book are entities separated from the elements, she created this book herself and recorded the strange things in this continent of Ybirth, all... everything, including the fact that the moon and sun shield each other forming a terrifying formation... that purple light shines down on this land and the Ghosts become significantly stronger."

Andy listened attentively, eating gingerbread and following the storyline Celica told him, but when he heard the "Ghost" part, he froze as if he remembered something, something that made his limbs stand up like scared. Andy began to question Celica's eyes and asked:

"The Ghosts... what kind of people are they, Celica? I've heard of them, but it's been so long that I don't remember anymore."

Celica paused, seeing the serious expression on her face, she also realized another ability of Andy, but instead of speaking out, she chose to remain silent. She guessed in her mind that Andy also could sense Ghosts, she began to think that the Water Magicians out there were not people of the capital, but the Ghosts who had mixed in to prepare to kill the villagers in here. Come to think of it, she also began to tremble because of their cruelty, because this girl witnessed her mother being brutally killed by Ghost, she still remembers that fear deeply until now.

Andy saw Celica shivering from the cold, he took off his coat and got up from the old bed by himself, Andy put this sweater on her to keep his friend from catching a cold. Celica received warmth from Andy, she was also a little shy and happy inside because Andy was worried, but then she realized that this was the sweater his grandmother made for him, he doesn't want anyone to touch it. Once, when Celica accidentally touched it, Andy nagged all afternoon and scolded her: "This is my thing". Anyway, it's been a long time, but this shirt can stretch on its own and Andy still fits comfortably without being tight or tight at all.

"Isn't this the sweater your grandmother used to make and doesn't want anyone to touch? Why are you wearing it for me today? You're so confusing Andy."

"Anyway... you're going away soon, I don't have any nice present to give you, so I thought this memento would be my present for you Celica. Keep it up, take it and always remember me... this is a sweater made from cotton from the red cotton tree, my grandmother had to leave the village and find it on Cao Lanh mountain and it took three days and three nights to complete the sweater this sweater."

Celica listened while clutching the shirt she was wearing, she was moved to tears and looked at Andy with her weak expression. She used to think that Andy was just a playful person and didn't care about other people's feelings, but today when she heard warm words from him, she changed her mind. Andy is a warm person, but he doesn't know how to show it when standing next to others, but today she could see this respectable figure in him.

"Thank you so much... but I... want before I leave this place, leave you, I'll give you this book to learn more."

Celica hugged the book and handed it to Andy, he was surprised when her mother's memento was handed over by her childhood friend, Andy was about to refuse when a knock on the door broke the door this scene. Although Celica was in Andy's room, she still felt Tybur's natural energy outside the door, she hid the book on Andy's mattress and went out with him to see what was wrong.

Tybur dressed elegantly went to Andy's house, the person who greeted him was none other than Mrs. Ferty, but she hated this doctor so much that she tried to use every word and action to put the bearded man in front of her go away.

"Bastard, what are you doing at my house? Or are you asking for money for medicine, if you ask for it, I'm sorry I'm out of money!"
Tybur took off his hat and placed it under his hips, lowering his voice to please Mrs. Ferty with his affectionate tone as if he were asking for something from her.

"Mrs. Ferty... I have a favor to ask of you, and that is to do a thanksgiving ritual."

"I refuse!" Mrs. Ferty flatly refused.

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