The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4: The nightmare

  Andy fell into a coma, in a dream he saw his parents, they were happily together under the apple tree with another child.  With tears in his eyes, he ran to hug his mother, is Erin, when the other three began to use strange eyes and happily said:

   "Hey, kid, whose child are you? Are you lost?"  - Erin used her affectionate voice to ask Andy how.

   When he heard those words from his mother, he started to feel confused and looked at the other boy, it was someone with dark brown hair like him, but not him. Andy started to step back, but he felt that behind him there was some mysterious creature standing, he turned his head round to look but couldn't see anything, the sky was gradually getting darker,  the trees began to wither and the family in front of him vanished into nothingness.  Andy was scared and started to wipe the sweat from his forehead, he bravely walked forward, where the darkness was covering.

  As he walked, Andy heard someone's heavy breathing and realized that the apple tree in front of him couldn't get any closer, Andy began to use all his strength and ran as fast as he could approach the tree, but all his efforts were in vain.  Andy realizes this place is a time loop and begins to stand still to observe the situation, he begins to chill as if someone is secretly watching him.  He looked everywhere but saw nothing, when Andy looked up at the sky and saw a huge eye with purple pupils watching him, he fell to the ground in fear, those eyes still watching Andy and a voice began to appear in Andy's mind:

   "Go die you brat!"

   "What? Who's that? Who are you?! Get out of here, man!"

   A loud laugh came out that made Andy deaf, he had to close his eyes and cover his ears, when he opened his eyes, he saw a demon with two horns longer than Andy's body, a larger body he was thirty times over and was looking at him.  Andy was a bit scared but still brave to face the demon in front of him, he boldly asked for information about the demon in front of him:

  "Who are you? Where are you, big guy, did you bring me into this place, if that's the case then release me, hurry!"

   The demon started to raise his arrogant voice and started laughing at Andy, but his face showed a very annoyed expression:

   "Hey, kid, you've trespassed on my territory, you're the one to get out of here, you're the one in the wrong here."

   The demon raised his sharp claws and pointed at Andy's face to threaten him, but the boy was still not inferior, he punched the demon's finger with his hand and replied:

  "You lied, I don't even know how I got in here, how can I get into this sewer? You're such a smug brat, don't think you're big enough to do it, what to do?"

   "Who are you to dare to fight me like that?"

   "I'm Andy Loscer! The son of Erin Loscer and Miltank Loscer!"

   "What? "Loscer's son?" Damn you, bastards."

   The demon after hearing Andy's last name was "Loscer", started using his hands and clutching his face to scratch every piece of his skin, he was crazy like he wanted to kill himself. Andy saw that guy was crazy so he started running away before anything bad happened, he saw Andy running, this demon started to attack with his claws. The demon used his fingernails and started stabbing Andy to death, with a "pop" blood started to flow.

   "Go to hell, kid. Get the hell out of my house!"

  Andy suddenly woke up in bed under the dedicated care of Mrs. Ferty, seeing Andy's panicked expression, she hugged her grandson tightly and comforted her saying:

   "It's okay, it's okay my dear, everything is fine, it'll be okay. So you just keep going to sleep, I'll go make porridge for you to eat and I hope you quickly strong."

   Mrs. Ferty stopped hugging Andy and she got up to wipe the sweat from his forehead, she went to the kitchen to light a fire to cook porridge for Andy to eat.  Andy was both confused and scared, he reassured himself that what just happened was a dream, not going to happen, but the dream just now was so real that he put his hand on it. His stomach still hurts.  Andy looked out the window and heard the sound of rain, the sound of thunder on the corrugated iron roof, he was overjoyed and at the same time heard the sound of gongs, drums, and trumpets outside, as if there was a ceremony to pray for rain.

   Mrs. Ferty brought him a bowl of hot porridge, along with a few slices of bread to eat, and seeing Andy's cheerful face, she felt happy too.

   "What do you think? It's raining, a group of people has come from the capital to perform a ritual praying for rain, we've been saved from poverty, we don't have to worry about running out of water anymore Andy."

  He was happy for this village and also relieved that his grandmother didn't have to worry about money problems and that his friend Celica would not leave this village, he looked up at Mrs. Ferty and asked:
   "Grandma, how long have I been… unconscious?"

   "It's been two days, I'm glad you woke up too."

"Have you been unconscious for so long? I can't believe I'm like this... I'm sorry for making your house messier, but honestly, I didn't steal Mr. Henry's chicken! You have to trust me!"

   Mrs. Ferty heard Andy's words containing resentment and innocence to the point of making her heartbroken and shedding tears. Feeling sorry for this little grandchild, just feeling disadvantaged for it when there are no parents around to share the sweetness.

   "It's okay... I trust you!"  - Mrs. Ferty looked at Andy with a kind smile to reassure him.

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