The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 6, 2022
Ch. 13Chapter 13: The girl

Mona along with Celica and Andy went inside Zaki's car, it was also quite cramped inside but the lights emanating from the lanterns, the green trees, the fish tanks and many other things decorated on the walls. in beautiful. In this car, there are only three small rooms, which are Zaki's bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, Mona is fascinated by the beautiful decoration of this neat guy.
Mona went to the bed and saw Zaki reading a book very attentively, she didn't want to destroy the quiet space of others, so she was about to leave, but was called back by Zaki:

"Mona! Where are you going? Did something wrong with you last night?! I'm worried about you a lot! I've heard from Celica that you ran all night through the forest looking for it medicine for you, right?"

Mona stopped walking when she heard the faint words of Zaki who had just woke up from a short coma, she turned her face, tears fell to the ground and sweat continued to flow all over her body, Andy and Celica It's also quite surprising, although Andy has cured her of leprosy before, but now sweat is pouring out like a bath.
Mona no matter how disgusting the sweat drops on her body, she quickly ran to Zaki's place and hugged him to say:

"And yet I thought you were dead! I was really worried about you, and I really, really liked you."

Zaki received Mona's feelings unexpectedly, making him surprised, but then gently hugged her to comfort her:

"I'm sorry to worry you... But you can't like me Mona, we... No! I'm so different."

Celica darkened her face when she heard that from Zaki, because during last night's treatment, she discovered a shocking secret of the guy Zaki. Celica took Andy's hand outside with her, leaving space for the two of them. Zaki looked at Mona, then he took a deep breath and was about to speak, when Mona used her index finger to cover Zaki's lips, she softly said:

"You're… a girl right?"

Zaki was surprised that he hadn't told Mona this, but she knew in advance, he slowly looked into Mona's sympathetic eyes and graciously said:

"Yeah... I'm a girl... It's disgusting, isn't it? I feel like I should..."

"What to do, idiot, are you crazy? I love you, love you wholeheartedly. Whoever you are, whatever you are! I still love you, please accept my feelings. .. I really, from the bottom of my heart... Love you, when you love someone, you don't need to make excuses to love, but just love without thinking!"

Zaki heard Mona's sincere words that made "him" feel more moved than ever, his tears welled up in his eyelashes, his hands hugged Mona tightly and said:

"I... I should have said it in the first place, ever since we met... At that time, my heart ached, when I couldn't tell the truth to others, but now Now that you know my secret, I feel so relieved."
Mona said nothing, just silently hugged Zaki, she seemed to be the happiest person at that time, her love for others is so simple, but for Mona, this is a beautiful memory. unforgettable, a link between rose silk together.

Andy and Celica standing outside have also heard the whole story, at this time in his head there are many questions hidden, but the boy still feels happy for the Mona - Zaki couple.
"I didn't expect Zaki to be a girl... But, Mona is happy, isn't it, Celica?"

"Um, I think so too. Let's just go home, anyway, we should give them some space, right?"

"Yes! Let's go home, I don't know if Mrs. Ferty is ready, tonight is the night of the ceremony. So do you plan to stay here for the rest of the night and leave tomorrow, Celica?"

"Yes! Let's go home, I don't know if Mrs. Ferty is ready, tonight is the night of the ceremony. So do you plan to stay here for the rest of the night and leave tomorrow, Celica?"

"I'll try to beg my father, hopefully he'll let me stay tonight, to watch... With you."

Andy also felt sad when he heard that he had to part from a very close friend of his, for him, Celica was often irritable and grumpy, but he still loved her very much. Because besides you, no one plays with Celica anymore.
Walking in the early morning sunlight, the layers of fog gradually melted with the wind, the rooster began to crow to inform the people in the village. The two were walking when they caught sight of Mr. Henry looking for something, he was scared when he saw Andy, so he ran back to the other direction, making Celica laugh:

"It's so funny, he suddenly saw us and ran away, at least he should have walked up to you and apologized, what a bad uncle."
"Ignore him, but we still need to let him know that Mona is safe and ready to go home, so he won't worry."

Andy and Celica went to Henry's house together, and saw a stranger, wearing a dark blue cloak, it seemed that the name covered his face so Celica and Andy couldn't see his face how is that. They were not too surprised, so they went straight to Mr. Henry's house.
During the ride, Andy and Celica had a conversation and joked around like children.

"How long have we been friends, Celica?"

"Fifteen years ago Andy, since we were four years old, I still remember that time, because you ate a lot of porridge and threw it all into my body, I was angry at that time, but you took the initiative to wash it, so I'm not mad at you anymore."

"Haha I remember that day vividly, your face was wrinkled like a monkey, Celica!"

Celica frowned when Andy told her she looked like a monkey, but then she sighed to control her anger.

"Uh, I'm a monkey and you're a chimpanzee?"

"Hahaha... When you go to another place, will you make new friends? I'm worried you'll be lonely."

"This idiot! Of course I do, a pretty girl like me can't be called Celica without new friends? The person I'm worried about is you! Will you make new friends here? in here?"

Andy darkened his face and began to speak to Celica in a sincere tone of voice:

"I don't need new friends... All I need is you. No one can ever take your place Celica."

Celica shyly blushed like a ripe tomato, trying to turn her face back to hide her flustered expression. At this moment, Celica's heart is extremely happy when she hears Andy's lovely words, but she does not want to destroy this friendship, because she is afraid that once she says her feelings, Andy will alienate her. So Celica talked about another topic to avoid Andy's sweet words:

"About the BoldSword, it seems to have found its owner last night, doesn't it? I hope it can help you later. Because of that sword, my mother used it to cut it off. Orc King head."

"Wow, your mother is strong! Using the sword last night, you can still kill that persistent race?"

"Yes, but you should use it carefully, because last night I saw you give a few sword strokes and you already passed out."
"Haha, it's probably because I'm not used to it. But I promise you, I will master this sword and keep it!"

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