The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 5, 2022
Ch. 10Chapter 10: the rain

Mona smiles happier than ever, this is her natural smile, as fresh as a flower and shining like the sun. Andy and Celica saw her happy as well, she was also happy, Celica looked through the window. At this time, seeing that the sky was gradually turning blue again, no longer clouded by the rain, she began to start decided to go out with Andy and Mona for a walk.

"It's so beautiful, it's a waste not to go out to enjoy it, you know, the taste of nature after the rain stops will be wonderful"
Mona thought a lot when looking at the outside world, she began to daydream about things that weren't really in her inner world, thinking for a while, she suddenly realized that she was hungry and it was heaven. It was a bit chilly too, so she gave her opinion:
"It's cold like this, you need to eat something to warm your stomach, so you want to eat something hot and hot like Zaki-san's noodle shop?"

Andy froze when he heard the name Zaki because he had never heard the name before, he scratched his head and looked into Mona's eyes to ask again:

"Zaki's noodle shop? Who is he, Mona? I've been walking around this town since then, but I've never heard of his noodle shop. Is his food delicious? or not? Curious."

Mona smiled at Andy's bewildered expression, she lowered her voice to begin explaining, interpreting, and telling him:
"Ah... Zaki's from outside the Town, he goes around with his mobile shop... Hope he stays here longer... So i can eat noodles there! And meet him."

Andy froze and started to frown when he heard Mona's way of talking was a bit embarrassed, so he understood that Mona was thinking and passionate about marrying the noodle guy on that mobile car.
"Wow, so you like him, Mona?"

Mona heard Andy's words like stabbing her black heart, she blushed as shyly as a red tomato, her hands intertwined to relieve her stress. So she began to stammer about her situation and feelings for her two teenage children.

"Ah... yes, I like him! But it's not that I like him aimlessly... It's just that he listens to me like you're following this story, he's not only kind, kind... But also a very handsome man. But I'm afraid that he will leave here without telling me, that's scary."
After hearing this, Celica also understood Mona's thoughts, she turned to look at Andy and let out a long, helpless sigh, in her heart, she didn't want to leave the idiot in front of her, because of the situation, Celica pushed her forced to leave the town for a new life. After listening to Mona's story, Andy also understood the reason for everything, he sympathized with her person and began to comfort her:

"If a person loves you, considers you an important person, then you would think that he will not leave, but he will stay here to celebrate with you."

"It sounds simple enough, Andy? When people are fed up with his noodles, they won't eat anymore, which leads to his revenue decline and forced him to leave this village." - Celica opened her mouth, breaking Andy's innocent words.

Mona's face darkened because she thought that Celica's words were true, so she decided to go see him one last time to talk about her feelings.

"I've decided, I won't hide anymore, but... Can you guys come with me so I'm less scared?"

Celica and Andy nodded in agreement to help Mona, but before leaving, Andy was forced to go down to the kitchen to ask Mrs. Ferty if he needed any help. Mrs. Ferty shook her head and waved her hands as if she didn't need his help, so Andy happily joined Mona and Celica outside for a walk to Zaki's noodle shop.

"I... I will express all my feelings to him, no matter what the outcome, I will still go home smiling, because at least I can say what's in my heart."

Andy grabbed Mona's hands to show sympathy and give her courage, and Celica gave her a Tulip flower, symbolizing the budding love of the couple, Mona received love from Andy, and Celica, although small, makes her feel so comforted, she considers these two children as her brothers.

"Thank you so much... Okay let's go! Let's go eat at Zaki-san's noodle shop, I'll take care of you."

Andy is happy to be fed by others:

"Yeah, I love you so much, Mona."

The sky after the rain stops, the drops of water still on the leaves form beautiful spheres of water, the trees around the village from arid, now gradually become greener than ever, the crops of this village significantly improved, the flowers are pollen collected by bees and butterflies and spread pollen grains for fruit trees to produce fruit. The water of the river flows smoothly like a girl's hair, smooth as silk, the children in the village are playing in the puddles of rainwater in a very excited and mischievous way.

During the walk, Andy saw Mona's face very tense when sweat continuously pooled on her forehead, Celica saw that and gave her handkerchief to Mona to wipe those sweat away.
"Hey, you wipe the sweat. If you don't wipe it, it will clog your pores and cause acne."

Mona received Celica's small handkerchief, and she wiped away the sweat and became less stressed. Mona promised to return it to Celica after she washed it, she put it in her bag and continued. Suddenly in the distance, Andy saw a white smoke blowing into the sky, Celica saw that and guessed that was where Zaki was working. Mona stopped and kept wiping the sweat from her forehead, Celica also stopped to wait for her to calm down.

"Calm down Mona... You need to adjust your breathing before things get worse. You can't see him when you're so sweaty!"
"I'm sorry Celica, it looks like I can't do it! I... I'm so useless to have this monstrosity, hic."

Andy patted Mona's back to show sympathy, but suddenly his hand emitted a purple-black light that radiated dark magic and began to wrap around Mona's body, she didn't understand what was happening when she was attacked. These black things surround her. Andy couldn't control himself, tried to use his free hand to remove his right hand that was stuck on Mona's back, Celica was surprised and panicked and didn't know what to do.

"What do I do now Celica?! Sister Mona is surrounded by my magic! If I don't stop I'll have a pretty bad feeling!"
"I don't know Andy! Let me try to help you pull your hand away from her!"

Celica lends a hand, to help Andy pull his right hand away from Mona's back, but after a while, the blacklight stops, and his hand is removed causing Andy and Celica to fall to the ground. Mona slowly returned to her normal appearance, but the sweat on her body had disappeared, including the nervous sweats all over her body.

Mona happily ran over and hugged Andy gratefully, happily saying:

"I don't know what you did, but it looks like I'm completely normal now, my leprosy seems to have been successfully treated by you. Thank you so much, Andy!"

Andy was stunned and did not understand what he had just done, but he still smiled happily at Mona, because she was cured of her leprosy. Celica felt that Andy's magic was not trivial at all.
At the same time that one of Rudese's close subordinates saw the abundant magic power in front of him, he ran back to report to his master so he could deal with the future. During the run, he accidentally crashed into a tree and fainted on the spot, from behind that tree was transformed by Tybur.

"Hmm... I have to get in, but... Where should I start? Andy Loscer or Celica?"

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