The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 6, 2022
Ch. 12Chapter 12: Water Wolf

After all four finished enjoying the delicious noodles from Zaki, they all had a very happy conversation, they even acted childishly to get along better. Celica feels very proud of herself, when she directly helped Mona to be with Zaki, she is also happy because the sister she just met, has been living in the honey of love, although she hasn't confessed her feelings to Zaki yet, the two's expressions make her certain that they will be a couple.

Celica looked over in Andy's direction and saw that he was sleeping like a dead man, even drooling in his mouth, but the Celica girl at that time just wanted to kiss his cheek and wish him good luck. Sleep well like many other couples. Celica thought that she liked this idiot, what she liked about him were his innocence and cuteness. She blushed, then went inside Zaki's car to find water to drink.

By that time it was already dark, the stars appeared in the sky with the waning moon, Mona was lying next to Zaki on the green grass and smelled of earth. The two started talking to each other so that the atmosphere wouldn't become too awkward, Zaki started to speak first.

"Today is really fun, Mona, I feel like I'm back in my childhood, playing with the kids in the village... I feel so happy today."

Mona blushed looking at Zaki's happy expression made her happy too, she placed her hand on her chest and replied to Zaki's words:

"I feel really happy too, Zaki, thanks to you, I feel very happy today... But this world is so big, have you been to many places? Am I asking too much?... Because you've been going all over the place to sell noodles."

"Just like you said, I've been all over the Ybirth Continent, but I've never met a place as happy as this place. I feel so excited."
Mona's hands are intertwined, even though she has broken out of the barrier of affection and is no longer suffering from leprosy, she still feels something that makes her heartache when she is near Zaki, she wants to speak her mind.

"Ah, Zaki. Isn't the sky beautiful today? Look, the stars are rising everywhere and illuminating this dark sky. Do you have the same hobby as me? It's looking at the stars in the sky."

"Wow... you have the same hobby as me, Mona? I also love looking at the stars in the sky, they are so beautiful. Whenever I'm bored or have nothing to do, I lie on the ground and start counting Why, I counted for a long time and fell asleep without knowing it."

"Heh heh, you're just like me... I also often count stars and fall asleep outside, so the next day I get a cold with a headache!"

Zaki laughed along with Mona because he felt comfortable with her, but he still had a problem in his head that he didn't say, he began to ask Mona with quite odd statements:

"When I'm with you, I'm very comfortable. I don't know, it reminds me of old memories when I was young, I played with my friends in the village very happily. I feel seeing you is like... my confidant, isn't it strange?"

Mona heard Zaki's sweet words, she started blushing in embarrassment, then she remembered her mother's old memory. The day her mother died, she said to Mr. Henry:

"If we don't have birth and death together in this life, we will be a soulmate in the next life." So Mona decided to try this sentence with Zaki, to let him feel about his mother's words in the past.

"Before my mother passed away... My mother said to my father a sentence that reminds me now that it was when you mentioned "best friend." That is, "If this life is not born and died together, see you in the next life soulmate for a lifetime." can you understand it?"

"... I understand, if we don't die together in this life, we'll make a friend in the next life... Well, it seems like your mother is very good at writing? Makes me feel inspired by this statement."

Mona blushed with embarrassment, she felt that she had just said a sentence that had nothing to do with the story or the subject of stargazing, she remained silent and waited for Zaki to continue so she could get out of this awkward scene.

"Have you ever had someone you consider your soulmate Mona?"
Mona felt strangely embarrassed when she heard this sentence from Zaki, she took a deep breath and began to tell Zaki about her soulmate, but she still didn't want to say that person was him, because the two have only known each other for a week, if he confessed, he would run away.

"I've got it... The man of my dreams... He's so amazing."
"So what kind of person is the person of your dreams, Mona? Can you say your know who that person is?"

"Okay... That person is... A very handsome person has a very warm voice, is a nice person, is a good cook, is a very kind person, and has a great sense of humor too!"

"Listening to me briefly like that, you can also realize that the person I was talking to just now must be a wonderful man? Can you tell me who that man is?"

"That is..."


Suddenly two water wolves appeared in front of Mona and Zaki, both of them attacked her body, but fortunately, Zaki used his hand to block the sharp teeth of those two water wolves. Knowing that the water wolf lives in the area around the village of Town, Mrs. Ferty used her magic to create a barrier to prevent the evil mascot, but unfortunately, they were able to infiltrate here.

Mona sees Zaki's arm bleeding and she feels worried for him, she screams in fear, her scream wakes Andy, and Celica panics and runs outside. Andy loudly asked what was going on:

"What's wrong Mona!? Mr. Zaki! Are you two okay!?"
"Help us, these damn water wolves have infiltrated the inside of the village and attacked us!"

Andy quickly picked up a large log and ran over to knock off a water wolf that was gnawing on Zaki's hand, seeing that the wound looked serious, Celica took her things and tore a piece of her shirt, and ran inside. Inside his car, the noodle seller looked for a bottle of alcohol to disinfect. She gently bandaged the wound together with Mona, she started to feel that since then Rudese and the others appeared that strange things had happened.

Andy was clutching the log in his hand to deal with the two water wolves, but his limbs weren't trembling, but instead were strangely excited. A water wolf jumped up to grab Andy, but he used all his strength to knock it away, but unfortunately, the other water wolf used water magic to create a strong stream of water that blew him to the root. apple tree, injuring him.

"Damn it, how did they get inside like this!"

After Celica finished dressing, she used her ability "Three-Dimensional Space" magic, which is a move that can only store objects and use a lot of effort, seeing Andy fight So brave, so she decided to give BoldSword to Andy to deal with them.

"Andy took it! Puff... Tired."

Andy jumped up and grabbed the BoldSword, this is a pure white metal sword, the handle is very solid and a bit heavy, Andy feels the power inside this sword, so he decides to hold it. up and dance a few lines. Although he had never been taught swordsmanship by anyone, he was able to master it, Celica was also surprised that this picky sword could be used by Andy with such ease. But dancing a few punches just to scare away the water wolves, but nothing to do, Andy suddenly became exhausted and fainted, the water wolves also left before that terrifying power.

Celica ran over to help Andy get up inside Zaki's car, while Mona stayed behind and carried Zaki inside to treat the wound more carefully.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry too much... I'll be fine, take care of Andy's condition first!"

"No way, your wound is very serious, if you don't give first aid, the water wolf's poison will kill you in the next few hours!"

Mona desperately put Zaki on the bed, she hurriedly searched around for medicinal herbs according to Celica's words, which were Tago Mushrooms, Xinchiu Herbs, and Fluorescent Powder. Mona searched the fields, she ran under the fanciful moonlight fast, and passed through many thorny bushes, regardless of the injuries she was suffering, she had to save Zaki's life. Due to the night, her search was quite impossible, but Mona did not give up, she continued to dig and search until the next morning.

The next morning, she returned to Zaki's noodle truck in tatters and found Celica and Andy standing at the door and waiting for her to return with a dark look on her face. She frantically ran over to give Celica the ingredients and said:

"Celica! Celica, here's what you need! You have to save Zaki-san, hurry! You have to save him... He's everything to me!"
Andy raised his pale red pupils to look into Mona's pitiful eyes, he showed sympathy and said:

"Calm down... He's fine, it's just that he's cooking, the smoke makes our eyes sting and we ran out here, and it's early in the morning so we're a bit lethargic haha!"

Mona took a deep breath and started smiling because Zaki was still alive, she thought he had died from the water wolf's poison. Celica saw the wounds on her body, so she helped Mona to go inside to disinfect and avoid more serious injuries.

"Follow me inside, Mona."

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