The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 5, 2022
Ch. 11Chapter 11: Mean

Chapter 11:
Mona, after recovering from her congenital leprosy, became more confident than ever. Mona picked Celica and Andy up and strutted forward with these two new twin sisters, Andy didn't understand what had happened but he was happy for Mona because she was confident now with herself more than ever. As for Celica, she just kept quiet and thought about the incident just now, because dark magic usually goes hand in hand with evil spirits and asceticism, but now it's helping others, it's strange. So Celica had to pay more attention to Andy.
"It's strange... Why is that? In the book that my mother left me, it says that the dark magic powers all originate from evil spirits and pretax, maybe it's Andy's soul too pure, so he can embody that power?" - Celica and contemplation just went with Mona and Andy.
Andy saw his friend bowing her head thinking about something, he thought she was also thinking or liking someone, so he touched Celica's shoulder and asked:
"Who are you liking, Celica? Does your face look like you're trying to say something? Which guy are you interested in?"
"Shut up you idiot, keep moving forward, and watch your way!"
Andy looked down at the ground when he saw a cupcake the size of a cupcake his grandmother used to make, and without Celica's warning, he would have nearly tumbled over and made everyone laugh. The three of them are getting closer and closer to Zaki's noodle shop, from afar, it seems that this is a horse-drawn carriage, with barrels of broth, a brazier attached to the cart to form a mobile noodle shop.
Even though they were a bit far from Zaki's noodle shop, the three of them could still smell the food emanating from Zaki's restaurant, a taste that made Andy want to drool, but he immediately regretted it urged Celica and Mona to hurry to the noodle shop to eat. When coming closer, everything is decorated very beautifully such as lanterns, sunny dolls, tables, and chairs arranged beautifully, clean and shiny. It seems that Zaki is a person who loves cleanliness, when the three of them sat at the table, a small bell rang.
A handsome man with neat hair, a bright white face with light green pupils, and brown hair came out with a slender figure like a schoolgirl, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt gray-and-white shorts, a bear apron, and wide-leg blue pants to welcome you. Zaki recognized Mona, who often came to his restaurant to eat and talk a lot about family matters, so he hospitably welcomed the three of them.
"Hi Mona, did you come here for your usual meal of noodles? What do these two kids want to eat?"
Celica heard Zaki's deep voice and handsome looks and began to appreciate him as well. Andy looked at the menu and chose "Beef noodles", and by the way, he chose Celica to be "Seafood noodles". Because he knows very well what his friends like to eat.
"Wow, you know what I like to eat, Andy? But now, I thought you weren't paying attention to your friends." - Celica is happy that Andy is still secretly taking care of her.
"Huh? What? I'm guessing you'll hit your favorite, Celica? Well, my judgment is top-notch."
"..." - Celica fell silent when she heard Andy's words.
Zaki takes very careful notes in this lovely notebook, it is known that this is the notebook Mona gave Zaki so that he can take careful notes and not forget the dishes of the guests, and it seems that he like this notebook, because it's compact, easy to pocket and has the green color he like. Celica saw this and taunted Zaki, giving Mona a chance to talk to the person of her dreams.
"My name is Celica, and this idiot is Andy. Your notebook is beautiful, isn't it? Was it given to you by her?"
Zaki looked at his notebook in his hand and began to smile and said:
"Ah, that's right! This is the book that Miss Mona here gave me, I like it and cherish it. Thank you very much, Mona, without you I would have forgotten about the dishes that the guests ordered haha."
Mona blushed shyly, her hands continued to intertwine to keep herself calm, and although she no longer sweated when she was stressed, she was still shy at Zaki's sunny smile. Zaki looked at Mona's face turning red, thinking she had a fever, so he put his strong hand on Mona's forehead to check.
This made Mona even shyer, so she stepped back because she didn't want Zaki to touch herself. Seeing that, Zaki also wondered why Mona was avoiding her, so Celica had to relieve her:
"Ah... She's probably fine, she usually blushes from seeing the sky. Oh, we're a bit hungry too, you go make food to make food for us!"
"Ah, I forgot! Okay, bye guys. See you in five minutes. Wait for me, Miss Mona."
When Mona heard that, she put her hand on her chest, she felt her heartbeat wildly as if she wanted to jump out. Celica relaxed her body because she acted like a rude girl earlier. Only Andy was still sitting there leisurely looking at the sky and feeling quite confused about the events that had happened.
"Hey Celica, are you really hungry? If you're hungry, you can eat mine later."
"Stop it, thanks! I don't want to eat a lot and carry my fat belly around the Ybirth continent!"
Andy felt sad after listening, he once again felt that he and Celica were about to separate. So he decided to keep his face down and say:
"You... You're gone, then who's going to stay and make jokes with me."
"I'm not a clown! But... Don't think too much, we'll see each other again someday! That's for sure!"
After saying that, Celica also felt sad because the things she used to do to him, would never happen again. She mustered up her courage to say one thing:
"You can find a new friend Andy... It doesn't have to be... Me?"
"No way! You're the one I bathed with when I was a kid, no one has the privilege of looking at my "treasure" of men!"
Celica and Mona blushed when Andy said that, she became speechless in anger, so she kicked him to the ground and accompanied by a helpless sentence:
"You idiot...just go and die!"
(I really can't understand how I can like this stupid name? But wait, do I like him? Yeah, sure, because he's nothing but dumb, innocent-looking that's it!)
Celica thought while blushing, just like what Mona had experienced back then. Mona smiled proudly and lightly touched Celica's shoulder with her elbow, she said softly:
"You like Andy? Is that true?"
"Sister?! This sister! I don't have it, no one wants it. i don't take it anymore, let alone like him!"
At the same time, Zaki came out with bowls of hot noodles, he placed each bowl on the table and wished everyone a good meal, Zaki has a strange hobby, which is always watching customers eat, when you see them eating well, then leave, that's why he's always empty. Celica was annoyed that this behavior was very impolite, so she frankly said:
"Can you stop watching customers eat? It makes customers feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable!"
"Ah...ah I'm sorry, I didn't know it made everyone uncomfortable, I went inside."
Zaki slowly walked inside with a sad look, Mona saw that and felt sorry for him, so she called him here and said:
"Mr. Zaki, you come to eat with us. I ordered eight meals, I give you one all the time. We can eat and talk!"
Zaki heard Mona's invitation, he walked over with his embarrassed expression and sat down next to her, he began to enjoy his food. When Zaki used a spoon of water and a chopstick of noodles to eat together, he was so grateful that he had to shout:
"It's delicious! I didn't expect it to be so delicious!"
Andy feels something is wrong here, when a chef, the owner of the noodle shop, who cooked this dish, didn't know it tasted so good. Andy used his own words to ask questions:
"You're the one who made this, Zaki! Why don't you know what it tastes like?!"
Zaki smiled shyly and began to explain why he praised his cooking so well:
"Ah, I have a rule that is when I cook, I will not season anything, but I will leave it to my ancestors. Tell me to stop when I stop adding seasoning."
"..." - The other three didn't know what to say about this strange person of Zaki.

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