The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 1Chapter 1: The beggining

  In a world full of unhappiness, wars keep breaking out, causing many innocent lives to be lost, many thinkers believe that war is death, bringing no results, beyond the destruction of violence, selfishness, and greed. In the continent of Ybirth, a place of magic and legend exists, such as magic, mysterious creatures, colors, and a variety of options.

  But it is about that meagerness that makes another species named Ghost, they have the same shape as humans, so they can easily blend into everyday life. Eating human flesh and drinking blood to satisfy their hunger and maintain their shape, is because the Ghost race is not recognized, that all their resources and possessions have to be self-employed, even reused. human surplus to sustain their own lives.

  Because of hunger and thirst, they are ready to kill any kind of person, those who carry the power in them will use their inherent magic power just to get what they want and exploit. That led to many reluctant attacks in remote villages, many innocent people were brutally killed by the Ghost race and the village, where Andy Loscer was living in the Town, was located to the east south of the Ybirth Continent.

  In 734, in the Town where Andy Loscer lived with his grandmother Ferty Loscer, the two of them lived together when the boy was four years old, Andy's parents had to go around doing all kinds of things to be able to hope that there is a better life. But fifteen years have passed, since the day Andy's parents left without leaving any news, the people in the village thought that they had an accident during that trip to make a living. Hearing those words, Andy was both sad and unwilling to believe this ironic truth, because the boy always believed that his parents were still alive, it's must be.

  Today is a cloudy day, with not much sunshine, Town is a village located in the sub-equatorial region, so it is hot and humid all year round and often rains a lot, but today has not received a single drop of rain. People in the village live mainly by growing food and orchard of fruit trees, so they need a lot of water for irrigation, because there is not a single drop of rain, the wells, and river channels gradually dry up. They could only send an application to the capital to receive supplies or call for help from the Water Magicians, but there was no response from the capital.

  Andy saw the people standing around the wells and began to complain together, everyone had a depressed expression and it seemed that they were planning to leave this place and take their families to the capital to have a better life. But Mrs. Ferty was old, her limbs were weak, so she could not go long distances, Town was a poor village, so few people had horses to go. Except for the father and son's house Tybur Rhee, he has two children, the eldest is Helena Rhee, who is nineteen-year-old and the youngest sixteen-year-old brother is Zac Rhee.

  Their houses are also said to be well-off in this area because there are horses to move goods to the trading capital, the house is built of sturdy bricks, and the rest of the houses are made of mud and left to dry into a house. House Tybur also has pureblood, so that they can use elemental magic and natural talent.

  That is also the reason that the people in the Town elected Tybur to be the village owner so that he can run everything, he is also very kind and kind, often helping and solving people's problems in the village.

  Andy saw that a warm person like Tybur Rhee was being hated and hated by his grandmother Ferty, he didn't know why and didn't dare to ask, because every time he asked about this topic, the boy would be scolded, she shouted for a match. So Andy had to forget about his curiosity, he yawned because he stayed up all night reading the book that Celica lent him, she was Andy's age friend and they were both very nice, cherish each other. A girl with blond hair, twintails, light red pupils, and a slim figure in a blue and white dress ran up to Andy.

  "Andy! Have you finished reading 'The Adventures of Bartous'? It's so good! Not reading is a waste of a lifetime."

  Andy from sleep became awake when he saw the girl Celica calling his name, he was surprised to see her and then began to ask the question again:

  "What did you say? Just now I was a bit dazed so I didn't hear you say anything, can you say it again?"

  Celica puffed up her cheeks in a sulky expression because Andy never paid any attention to her words, but she was not the category to stay angry for long, so she smiled and went on to talk to him, but on her face Celica showed something of the shyness, regret, and smile of Andy had seen before, that was the image of his parents before they left and never evacuated a letter or news.

  Andy lowered his face, making Celica confused because she hadn't had time to say anything but his face had turned somber, Celica felt guilty for puffing her cheeks at her friend, so she clasped his hands with her own soft hands to comfort him:

  "Don't be angry at me, I'm just a little mad at you, but... it seems like..."

  "Are you leaving the Town, Celica?" - Andy looked at Celica with a serious expression.

  Celica with a surprised expression when she didn't say it but was caught by Andy, she didn't hide anything, anymore, so she had to tell the truth in hesitation:

  "Yeah... then I'll leave this Village with my father and mother for a better life, but still... I didn't want to leave at first, but in the end when I think about the future then this is a good condition for me to become more perfect. When I'm rich..."

  "Shut up Celica! I don't need you to talk anymore!"



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