The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3: the doctor

  When he saw that jade bracelet made himself happy that he had found it, but was shocked when this memento was evidence to accuse him of stealing Mr. Henry's chicken. Mrs. Ferty looked into her eyes filled with bewilderment and gradually understood that her grandson would never do that, Mrs. Ferty continued to use her arguments to be able to vindicate her grandson and wanted to kick him out of this house:

   "Mr. Henry, you need to calm down, right? Just because his bracelet is on your property doesn't mean he stole it?"

  Mr. Henry heard Mrs. Ferty's defiant words and had no words to say, but he did not want to lose his reason, so he had to go into the house and drag Andy out.  Andy was grabbed by Henry's hand and began to drag him out into the yard to make sense, he resisted by hitting the old man's hand hard, and his legs were as hard as rocks to not move. Mrs. Ferty saw her grandson being done like that by someone else, so she picked up her broom and started to chase Mr. Henry out and use bad words:

   "Get the fuck out of my house, you madman, if you touch a strand of my nephew's hair, I'll beat you up, don't blame this old woman for getting mad!"

   Mr. Henry was beaten by Mrs. Ferty, who repeatedly hit him on the head causing him to let go of Andy's hand and run out of her house. He clutched his head in pain and forced his mouth to curse at Mrs. Ferty and Andy:

  "You bastards, do you want to eat jail time? Beating people like that for no reason is the only way I can resist, don't blame me!"

   Mr. Henry picked up the shovel and used all his strength to enter the house to hit Mrs. Ferty on the head, the boy saw that old Henry was about to hit his grandmother, Andy quickly ran out and caught the blow. With a "Bong" sound, the blood flowed from Andy's head more and more, at this moment he felt a blurry scene ahead, he looked at Mr. Henry fading with red and heard his grandmother scream:

   "Andy! Andy! My nephew, what the hell have you done, you bastard?!"

    Mrs. Ferty ran to the kitchen and took out a large knife to cut Mr. Henry, but was stopped by Tybur Rhee, who did not want any more casualties. Tybur ignored Mr. Henry, who was collapsed on the ground, the kind man just took the knife from Mrs. Ferty's hand and began to bandage the wound on Andy's head.  Tybur is also a doctor so he always carries a first aid kit with him, this man starts to check on Andy's condition and starts giving the boy of his medicine. Mrs. Ferty saw Tybur put some strange medicine in Andy's mouth, she started to get angry and demanded to kick the doctor out of the house:

   "Go away, I don't need your help, damn Tybur, it's all your fault that his parents..."

   "Mrs. Ferty... the current situation is very serious, if he doesn't stop the bleeding there will be a high risk of him dying, so I ask you to be careful and keep quiet for me."

   "You... you... you!"

  Mrs. Ferty looked up to see Andy lying in a pool of blood, she also had to swallow the lump in her body, so that Tybur could save Andy, Henry was now extremely scared so he got up and ran.  When he got home, he locked his door, jumped on the bed, and covered the blanket, shivering at what he did.

   Tybur heals Andy while asking what happened that put Andy in this situation:

   "What happened that everything in your house is so messed up? I was originally going to go to Testor's house to check his back and I went to pass by your house, I heard arguing. When I got there, everything was like this."

   Mrs. Ferty hearing those words, was also half amused and half angry when she heard that Tybur cared about her family.

   "You even said those kind words of concern? If only when Erin was pregnant with Andy and his brother, if you helped him deliver the baby, I wouldn't have to kill the other one myself so that Andy could live."

  After hearing those words, Tybur was also unable to say anything, because in his heart he also felt extremely guilty when he did not help Erin, Andy's mother.  Mrs. Ferty could only watch Tybur's every gesture and sweat beading her forehead, but she would never forgive what this doctor did to Andy's parents, she would never forget this grudge. After ten minutes had passed and Andy's blood had stopped bleeding, Tybur also began to gather his tools and turned to look at Mrs. Ferty to warn:

   "Fortunately, the wound that Mr. Henry inflicted on Andy is not too serious, so it is easy to heal, but for the time being, the boy will not wake up, he needs a deep sleep to recover. With Henry's comments and his violent behavior, then I will review this case and find the real culprit in this case."

   Mrs. Ferty sneered scornfully, seeing Tybur's words of concern, began to be bossy and began to raise her voice:

  "Hmm, I know that too, but I will never forgive you Tybur, what you do heaven will see, earth hear, I am a witness."

   "..." - Tybur didn't know what to say after hearing those words, he could only take a deep breath and leave Andy's house without a "thank you" from Mrs. Ferry

When Tybur went outside to see a group of people slowly approaching his Town, the doctor felt strange because he had not sent any letters asking for aid this week, but today saw a group of people dressed as if they had come down from the capital and stopped by this village.  A man from the party stepped out in front of Tybur, a tall, handsome man with blue hair, pale blue pupils, and a book he carried.

   "Hello sir, are you Tybur? We are water magicians, from above the capital."

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