The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5: Dark Elemental

  Andy got out of bed tired and dizzy with a headache, wanting to go outside to see the carnival scene, but was stopped by his grandmother with her bare hands.

   "Don't get out of bed, your body is still very weak, so just stay in bed and rest."

   Andy listened to her, so he stopped getting up and lay on the bed to rest when suddenly someone knocked on the door outside. Mrs. Ferty heard that and slowly went out to open the door and it was Celica, who came to Andy's house with her cake basket in hand. Mrs. Ferty happily greeted Celica and invited her into the house, she made a cup of hot tea and began to talk to the little girl:

   "Andy just woke up from a coma, so he's still very weak, but if you want to visit him you can go into his room so you can both talk with him."

  "Yes, thank you very much Mrs. Ferty, I have something to say to Andy anyway."

   Mrs. Ferty led Celica's hand into Andy's room with her wrinkled hands, she saw Andy lying on the bed feeling a little sorry for him, she began to sit down on the chair beside his bed, Mrs. Ferty went outside to let Celica talk to her grandchildren and have own space. She put the cake basket on the wooden table, Andy saw Celica also felt a little guilty about the previous day for saying something wrong to her, but he blushed and said nothing because of shyness, just lying there motionless and looking up at the ceiling. Celica also didn't want to fall into this awkward atmosphere, so she spoke to Andy first:

   "I just heard that you were injured and confined to bed, I made some gingerbread cookies, which are your favorites.This is my first time trying it so I don't know how it tastes if you don't mind. Then I'll feed you."

   "Thank you so much, Celica, but how did you know I like gingerbread?"

  Celica blushed when Andy asked her that, she also faltered in response to Andy's words with her honesty:

   "Well... when I was a kid, I often saw cookie crumbs on your lips, when you... slept, I licked it and recognized the taste of ginger..."

   Andy heard Celica's honest words, which also made him run out of words to say to her.  He took a deep breath and spoke to Celica:

   "You're so perverted!"

   Celica reacted violently and her face turned red from embarrassment, she took the hot cup of tea on the table to drink and tried to calm herself, after blushing and embarrassed, she returned to her normal expression with a serious face looked out the window, where it was raining heavily outside, and said:

  "At first I thought that this place was a dead, unliveable land. But if you look closely, it's lucky, isn't it? It was saved by people from outside the village, it seems that the Town has been saved."

   Celica finished speaking and then clenched her fist and looked at it, her expression was disgruntled and disappointed in something. Andy looked at Celica's face turned sad, he looked at her bewildered and began to ask:

    "Are you okay, Celica? I'm sorry for saying you're perverted, I didn't know that my own words hurt others."

   Celica raised her face to look at Andy, she used a serious expression toward her friend and clasped her hands to her chest to say:

   "This world is inherently colorful, full of beautiful things and a lot of power, magic, ... but also to mention the bad side of it, Andy must have dreamed something strange while sleeping,  strange isn't it?"

   Andy was surprised to hear those words from her, at first he wanted to keep this a secret but was discovered by Celica, so Andy had to tell her everything:

  "I had a terrible nightmare, I saw a demon thirty times bigger than myself and he killed me in my dream."

   Celica showed a thoughtful expression and started taking out a book from her blue backpack, the book seemed quite old and the cover contained eight different colored stones red, yellow, blue, green, jade green, indigo, brown, white and black.  But the only two gems that light up are blue and black, but that black glow more intensely when near Andy.  Celica made a serious face and began to explain everything, she said:

   "This purple-black light is an expression of elemental magic... "darkness", you are really special when you carry this power. This world is ruled, governed, built and controlled by the elements, each person born will have a chance to have it... depending on how it is used, each person will create their unique one like the water magicians out there, Andy.  The Dark Element, before receiving that ultimate magic power they will have a nightmare and you have achieved that condition."

  Andy finished listening, at this moment, question marks appeared in his mind, it seemed that he could not absorb this knowledge and was extremely confused, but he still tried to nod so Celica wouldn't have to say it again. Celica saw Andy's shy smile and understood that he didn't understand at all, so she placed the book and Andy's hands touched, a magic formation appeared on the ground, and  Andy was dumbfounded and felt all his pain and emotions. Andy felt pain both physically and mentally, the black-purple marks began to emerge on his skin and Andy felt something very violently flowing inside him."

   “This is what will make you understand, do you understand now?”

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just wanted to prove that I wasn't lying, I'm sorry for the hurt you!"

   Andy slowly raised his hand to his head and rubbed it on the wound, feeling no more pain, the headache was gone, but it was accompanied by symptoms of fatigue in the body.

   "...Celica, I'm naturally tired, but the headache is gone, would you mind giving me a glass of water to drink? I'm so thirsty."



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