The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 7Chapter 7: The performance

Mrs. Ferty flatly refused after hearing Mr. Tybur's harsh offer, she was indeed a teacher with many years of experience, but she would never work for him because she hated it bitterly detested Mr. Tybur. No matter how many good deeds he did or built hundreds of houses for her, it was never enough to make up for the mistake he did to Andy's parents, for causing her to lose her child, Andy lost both his parents. Andy from the corner of the room heard Mrs. Ferty arguing loudly, she was yelling at Mr. Tybur very badly, he was also embarrassed to let Celica watch her grandmother yell at others.

"I'm so sorry, Celica, that's what my grandma is. She always scolds Mr. Tybur and I don't dare ask what happened, so I never knew why she hated Tybur".

Celica looked at Andy's face, then started to smile shyly so that her friend wouldn't be embarrassed in this situation, she wanted to help Mr. Tybur and Andy fulfill her wish, so she left Andy's room went to the upper house to solve the problem, the scene in the upper house was dilapidated and appeared many cracks, but Mrs. Ferty used her painting talent to paint beautiful pictures and hang them on the walls where the walls are cracked, and moldy, the floor is always clean, never dirty with dust or garbage, the special thing that makes Celica like this house is the pleasant scent that radiates. Derived from the Vermount flower, this is the flower that people often use to put together expensive perfume bottles, a pleasant scent, and makes their souls soar in the wind.

Celica went out step by step, Mrs. Ferty, seeing her approach, stopped blaming Tybur and began to put a warm smile on her wrinkled face, to greet Celica warmly. She lowered her voice as much as she could to drown out her angry voice, and graciously asked Celica:
"Are you going home Celica? I hasn't finished cooking the kelp soup yet, wait until the rain stops and then come back, kelp soup is my forte, don't blame me!"

Celica nodded her thanks to Mrs. Ferty, she went to Mr. Tybur's side and looked him straight into his eyes, half-lidded with tension, and said:

"What's the matter with you coming here, Mr. Tybur? Don't you have an important appointment with Mrs. Conie right now?"

Celica lied like that to make Mrs. Ferty feel touched when Tybur had a more important job, but still chose to delay it and went to her house to ask for one. Mrs. Ferty looked into the distance as if she was thinking about something because she believed that what Celica said was true, Tybur heard what the little girl said, and he realized that this was a trick and also a trick. Celica's help, he begins to cooperate to bring the story to an end.

Ah... Yeah, but the thing I'm going to ask Mrs. Ferty about is more important than that, so I don't think it's okay to be an hour or two late. Mrs. Ferty, I hope you'll cooperate with me, let's go this time... After this case is done smoothly, I promise I won't come to your house again, I promise to take the honor of the village chief."

Mrs. Ferty's part of hearing Tybur's words also felt a little warm, for since she had grown old and frail until now no one needed this useless old woman anymore, instead they were just attentive learn about other novelties. When she was young, Mrs. Ferty was known as Medium with her prophetic talent, but as she got older, that ability decreased significantly, so no one wanted to come to her to see fortune-telling anymore, hence her name. The first coin that people gave her also disappeared and was forgotten over time. To this day, when she heard that someone else needed her, she was very happy, she nodded in agreement with Tybur but did not say a word.

Tybur had a smile on his face, his gaiety made it so that his own hands could not help but grasp Mrs. Ferty's wrinkled hands gratefully. Mrs. Ferty, seeing this, was also annoyed with disgust, she withdrew her hand forcefully and began to go inside the small kitchen, before entering the full kitchen, Mrs. Ferty said:

"I do these things, just to save my grandchildren's dignity... Since my dear son and obedient daughter-in-law have passed away, I can't... I hope they live happily in the another world, reincarnate and find each other... again."

Tybur also froze for a while after listening, he always tormented himself for the death of Andy's parents, he could not forget because his mind was not allowed to forget the things he did that were wrong. Every time Tybur drank, he made himself miserable, blaming himself for why he had let them go pick medicine that day.

Celica felt the atmosphere around her now seem awkward, she tugged on Tybur's shirt to bring him back to reality and motioned for him to leave before Mrs. Ferty changed her mind not to perform the ritual, and Andy was cooking kelp soup with his grandmother in the kitchen, trying to please his grandmother, to make her feel as comfortable as possible. After Tybur leaves Andy's house, he receives an intelligence message from Dash:

"Tybur! Tybur! There is an urgent matter I need to tell you, during the past two days, several households have reported that a loved one is missing, I don't know what to do anymore, so I sent a message. This quest is for Geo and Jusk to find out what's going on, but they're both missing as of today! There's a total of six! What should we do?! I think it's the Ghosts had done! You must do something!"

"Calm down my brother, I'll take care of this disappearance, but I have to perform a thanksgiving ceremony to thank the waterbenders who have come from far away to come here first."

Dash looked at Tybur with disappointment and indignation, wishing that if there was a table or chair there, he would have used it to smash the head of that bastard Tybur in front of him. Dash glanced at Tybur and smiled scornfully.

"What? Don't you think this is as important as performing that goddamn ritual? Or do you wait for this village to disappear and only your family, so you will rush to find it? You are so selfish, thinking only of yourself!"

Tybur looked at Dash with helpless eyes, because he didn't want to argue with angry people. After all, arguing here will never bring any good, even if it's raining so Tybur used a busy excuse to avoid Dash and go home.

"Dash, you should go home too, if you stay out here for a long time you will catch a cold, if you still want to talk about this, I hope you calm down and come to my house to discuss this, avoid telling outsiders, so that people in here don't panic, okay?"

Regardless of Dash's consent or not, Tybur still proudly picked up the umbrella in his hand and walked under this gentle rain, the gray sky gradually becoming bluer because the rain was about to stop. He passed through the wells and canals and saw that they were filled with water, the fields were fully irrigated, so he felt a little happy in his heart.

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