The adventure of Andy
By Nhiphupng
Date: August 4, 2022
Ch. 9Chapter 9: Mona

Mona diligently and Celica went inside Andy's house, with a timid and timid gait, she was a bit nervous because she had to talk for the first time, patching up the mistakes that her father had caused, the sweat on her forehead showed how stressed she was, Mona tried to control her breathing so her hands wouldn't sweat, she looked around the house and began to appreciate Mrs. Ferty's drawings, these drawings always have a theme of "family". Reminds Mona of old memories, those days when her father didn't know what alcohol was, the delicious apple pies her mother baked every weekend night.

But since Mona's mother was robbed of her life by the Ghosts, she and her father suffered greatly, witnessing their loved ones being brutally killed without being able to do anything. It was the moment of her life, so she always left early, never left late at all, and every time she went out she brought Tuppo flowers, which are lucky flowers that make evil spirits and evil spirits, the demon was chased away, also the protector left by her mother.

Celica saw Mona having a suspense through those pale blue eyes that were constantly moving back and forth, and the sweat on her forehead was enough to make the little girl understand that Mona had suffered too much. Celica stopped and stroked Mona's back to reassure her, she used gentle words to calm this older sister's body and mind:
"Are you okay? Otherwise just go home, I'll tell Mrs. Ferty and Andy, you don't have to force yourself to apologize, it's not your fault anyway and it's not your commit anyway sister's."

Mona laughed shyly after hearing that, then shook her head slightly as if to say "no", Celica saw her gestures and stopped saying this stubborn person, Mona used her faltering voice to speak the words of her heart."

"You... You don't understand my father... He, even more stubborn than me, his ego is very high, when he does something wrong or does something wrong, he will never say it. no apology, I've lived with my father for twenty years... So his personality, I understand it all."

Celica, after hearing Mona's story, also nodded to understand, because she lived a long time in this Town, she also heard the name of Mr. Henry, he was very unruly and difficult, it was not easy to tell him, He always thinks he's right. So Celica had to take Mona's hand into the kitchen so she could meet Mrs. Ferty and Andy.

At the moment Mrs. Ferty and Andy are cooking dishes such as kelp soup, mushroom soup, fried noodles with wild boar, red bean biscuits, potatoes cooked with bird meat stewed with tomato... And many other dishes to prepare for the thanksgiving ceremony. These ingredients were all provided by a Tybur man who spent his budget to give Mrs. Ferty to cook, and he was kind enough to ask for help, but she refused, so he had to shrug his shoulder goes on.

"Grandma, do you need to add any seasoning? Because the color of the kelp soup is not very green."

"You idiot! Just put kelp in and asked for green soup?!"

Mona and Celica slowly entered the kitchen, where the boiling sound of the soup pot, the "sizzling" sound of the noodles being sautseed in the pan and especially the scent of the dishes mingled together to create enticing flavor, to entice Andy's "rumbling" hungry stomachs. Mrs. Ferty turned around and saw in Mona's hand a plate of shredded chicken, which she thought was the ingredient that Tybur would bring next, so she refused without giving Mona time to say anything.

"I don't want to take any more, just take that plate and stuff it in that bastard's mouth and tell him never to come to my lovely house again."

"..." - Mona fell silent when she heard those harsh words from Mrs. Ferty, her face darkening with fear and disappointment.
When she was about to bring this dish of chicken back, Celica spoke up to clear Mona's innocence, help her be transparent and give her the opportunity to speak:

"That's not it, Mrs. Ferty, she's Mona, Henry's daughter, who knocked Andy out and she came here to talk to you about something."
Mrs. Ferty was surprised, and at the same time changed her expression so that the current situation would not be awkward, because she felt that she was hot-tempered when she misunderstood Mona as Tybur's person and brought more ingredients here, but turned out to be the wrong person. So the beautiful girl in front of her wanted to come here to apologize. So she lowered her voice to continue the conversation with Mona:

"Damn it... I'm so sorry Mona, I thought... But what's wrong with you coming here? I'm a little busy, why don't you go upstairs to sit on a chair and wait for me. Andy, go get some water give it to Mona, she has to finish all this stuff."

"Yes ma'am! Please follow me upstairs. If you need anything, just call me."

Andy and Celica took Mona by the hand to another room to entertain her, at this time she was a bit confused because what she thought was not true. She thought that when Mrs. Ferty heard Mr. Henry's name, she would be enraged. But no, she still smiled and politely received her, Mona sitting on the wooden chair, watching Andy make a cup of tea and then she looked at the bandage on his head, she felt it, her hands interlaced to each other as if to say something. But Andy used his affectionate smile and hospitality to try to make Mona less fearful:

"Here you are, the tea i just made. It's a bit hot, but the taste isn't bad."

Mona took the tea, she took a long breath and exhaled slowly to regain her courage, she used all her strength to ask a simple question:

"You... how old are you, Andy?"

"I'm nineteen years old, sister, how old are you?"

Celica grimaced her face and then used her hand to give Andy a light smack on the head and said:

"It's rude to ask a woman's age, you know that!"

Andy held his head and turned to Celica to say:

"I dont get it, why you just smash me, it's so hurt! I've never met a girl but you!"

This statement from Andy made Celica blush with embarrassment, she turned her face back and covered her own face in excitement. Mona seeing this also smiled and felt a little relieved, she began to forget the barrier of guilt and shyness, so she began to talk to the two of them:

"Ah... It's okay for that matter, I'm already 25 years old, my hobbies are watching clouds drift, watching Dash's sheep eat grass and making apple pie!"

"But... Even though I'm 25, I still feel as young as an 18-year-old girl, because I feel so energetic when I'm alone and ate eight servings of Zaki's noodle soup!"

Celica and Andy stared blankly at Mona because they felt that her words just now made them both freeze, surprised at her lovely childish way of speaking, as well as surprised at the slender girl's appetite. this tomorrow. Mona felt embarrassed because she uttered those words, Celica did not want the space to be so quiet now, she began to ask Mona's reason for coming here:

"Auntie Mona, what's wrong with you coming here? If you come here with a plate of chicken like this, you must want to invite us to eat, right, I love chicken and so does Andy."

Mona startled and gradually returned to this shy reality, she began to push the plate of chicken in front of Andy's face and shyly said:
"Ah... I'm here... To apologize to you Andy! Because my father hurt you so badly. I'm sorry that my dad hit you like that! I'm really sorry!"

Andy froze, then began to see the problem, he gradually remembered the incident from before, but Andy is also not the type to hold grudges or hold a grudge against someone, or the type to notice things easily old, Andy scratched his head then started to smile and said:

"Hahaha, it's okay sister! But, you don't have to apologize to me with a plate of chicken like this, because I prefer pork!"
Mona felt some comfort at those words, but she still felt happy because Andy's smile made her feel lighter than ever.

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