The Fear
By Yasso
Last Post: January 5, 2022

My life has become a dark room and annoying sounds

and frightful things that make me live in terror,

My house is full of garlic and incantations, thinking they'll disappear from my sight and never see them again,

Every second a ghost appears to me with a scary face with red eyes

His face full of disgusting wrinkles, his nose plucked and his mouth
full of blood,

After I saw him, I closed my eyes with one hand and my mouth with the other hand, until I suppressed my screams that were rising inside me.

A scream full of fear, a scream full of endless pain maybe you

You think I'm a crazy girl like the others who just left me

Don't believe it, it was a lie I made up honestly I'm a girl in love

For the rain and the romantic atmosphere, although I do not have a lover, I walk in the rain with great happiness,

My mother looked at me with a strange look that I can't describe, "The wind or were you living in one of the scenes of the drama?"

It has been revealed to me that my mother is a clever person,

She planted a mischievous smile, "Huh, you understand me, ummah."

“Yeah, I was your age once and I had the same

Chapters Date
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Ch. 1111 Jan 5, 2022
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Ch. 22 Jan 5, 2022
Ch. 11 Jan 5, 2022

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