TOSSED; The Serendipitous Lady
By Kristen Cee
Last Post: November 29, 2022

Just one night was all it took for Xiomara’s life to be torn into pieces, everything she had, her family gone and her friends, everyone turned their back on her and it was as if she never existed
She was left with just one thing, a baby, as young as she was about to have a child she couldn't even tell who the father was.
And then, Upon giving birth, her baby was taken away from her and was given up for adoption, she wasn't even given the slightest opportunity to see her baby.
Using the last energy to fight, she was caught up in a fire outbreak which almost ended her life.

Twenty-five years later, Xiomara resurfaced again, within the past few years she had worked on herself, making herself stronger and more powerful and now she was ready.
Ready to take everything she lost.
Ready to have her own pound of flesh.
Ready to find her lost child and make everyone that hurt her in the past pay dearly for it.
But finding an unidentified child won't be easy neither will finding an unknown enemy be easy, she was in a battle where she has no idea who her enemy or enemies were.
What could possibly go wrong in her revenge Plan?
And Love does it really conquers all?

You need 2 points to view each paid chapter.