TOSSED; The Serendipitous Lady
By Kristen Cee
Date: November 21, 2022
Ch. 4D- Dangerous

“Which of the reporters put up my name in the tabs,” Xiomara asked, she was seated at her private lounge, she had a Rubix cube in her hand and was pretty much engaged in it.
“Actually it was uploaded anonymously but Luca already took care of it, we saw it five hours late so it already got lots of engagement before then,” Yvette said.
“Hmm, That's interesting, I seem to have an anonymous admirer” she chuckled.
“Should I trace it?”
“Trace it, no why would you do that, I will catch that admirer myself, just let the person enjoy while it lasts” Xiomara smirked playing with a Rubix cube
“Where's Luca?” Xiomara asked. “Haven't seen him all day”.
“He's investigating last night's incident, we found out assemblyman Borreli must have had other accomplices who planned and executed it”
“Right, it's much of an incident for Borelli to mastermind it alone, he's not that smart to start with” Xiomara chuckled shaking her head vigorously.
“Any charges?” Xiomara asked.
“Aside from the tabloid, no one is talking about it, his relatives released a press conference and their funeral is being held this evening at.....” Yvette gazed at her phone shocked.
“What's the problem?” Xiomara who noticed the break in transmission asked turning towards Yvette only to see her gazing at her phone with her mouth wide open.
“What?” she snatched the phone forcefully from her hand making Yvette stare at her as she go through the article.
Xiomara burst into laughter, Yvette stared at her wondering if she was okay and sane, a normal human should be very upset but Xiomara seems to be finding it funny.
“Oh God, even if X-Rocco conglomerates needs a new CEO, Feliciano Sarto isn't even qualified to be one, he doesn't fit the shoe at all”. Xiomara said in between laughter.
“He must have held an emergency board meeting and...”
“The one remoting assemblyman Borreli from behind and planned it all” Xiomara cuts in looking at Yvette who nodded in affirmation.
“Are you going to take him down?”
“I'm not going to foolishly give him the benefit of thinking he’s important, I have other things, important things to take care of, and Feliciano, he isn't even up to my left leg, that's why he's hiding behind other” Xiomara paused to stare at the phone, rereading the article that says “X-Rocco conglomerates are solidating for a new CEO, Feliciano Sarto is the future of X-Rocco conglomerates says the BOD”.
“Text Nevio, I need the list of the board members supporting him, I need every single detail about them, their family, riches, and what they do behind closed curtains” Xiomara ordered handing over the phone to her.
“Okay boss,” Yvette said, looking at her phone as she typed in the message.
“Did Corrado get a new doctor?” Xiomara asked.
“No, it's still Dr. Rico Rubino,” Yvette said.
“Interesting, so he now briefs Corrado’s health detail to Richelmo, that's very fascinating,” Xiomara said standing up.
“I should pay him a visit, I forgot to say hello the last time I visited” Xiomara was already on her way out of the lounge
“I will tell Foschi to get the car ready,” Yvette said and Xiomara stopped on her track turning forcefully at Yvette.
“Is anything the matter?” Yvette asked looking at her.
Xiomara cleared her throat, walked back to her seat, sat down, and signaled Yvette to do so too.
Even though Yvette was a bit scared but she knew she haven't done anything to provoke Xiomara or get into her bad book so she won't be killing her.
“You said you know someone who might have the solution to my dreams,” Xiomara said after keeping quiet for five minutes, she stared deeply at the art portrait in front of her avoiding eye contact with Yvette.
“Yes I do, I use to have the same dream over and over again but after I meet her, she gave me a lasting solution,” Yvette said.
“Oh, it's a she” Xiomara commented and Yvette nodded.
“So how will I meet her,” Xiomara asked now looking at Yvette, who smiled lightly adjusting on her seat.
“Hell no!” Xiomara yelled giving Yvette a suspicious look.
“You don't expect me to spend a fortune on a con artist, gracious, don't tell me you believe in shamans, none of them is real” Xiomara added shoving Yvette’s weird story and idea.
“She's not boss, trust me, she's legit and gifted, and her services don't even cost that much, she's going to be a great help to you,” Yvette said and Xiomara gave her an “I don't believe you” kind of look.
“She sees the past and a glimpse of the future, she could help tell why you keep having those dreams and what to do to stop it, above her she would give you foresight tips for the future,” Yvette said and Xiomara smirked.
“I don't need a foresight tip for my future, she should focus on hers” Xiomara snapped.
Yvette opened her mouth to talk but no words came out, Xiomara have truly succeeded in making her speechless with her comment.
Yvette just sat there staring at Xiomara, wondering what could be going on in her mind, she's been working for her for ten years plus but she's yet to learn her ways, Xiomara is just unpredictable and full of surprises.
“Where does she stay?” Xiomara spoke, she has finally made up her mind to go see the shaman
“On top of the mountain, the sheldom mountain, I can always take you there whenever you are ready,” Yvette said.
“What about now,” she asked with her eyes shut, truth be told, she was long tired of the dream, it was already exhausting and it appeared as if she was being haunted by it.
“Now?” the surprised look on Yvette's face couldn't be left unnoticed
“Why?, Do you have other plans”
“Yes, I mean no, we can go now, I will tell Foschi to get the car ready, which of the car would you want to go with?”
“No, don't do that” Xiomara gradually opened her eyes, looking straight into Yvette’s eyes.
“This is going to be between us, it's going to be our little secret and on no account should another soul dead or alive know about this whole arrangement not even Luca” Xiomara didn't blink her eyes as she spoke.
“Your secrets are always saved with me,” Yvette said.
“I can't have people believing or thinking I'm a shamanist, bad news trends more than the good ones ” she added.
“Okay boss, I will be waiting at the car park while you get ready,” Yvette said standing up, she bowed slightly before stepping out of the room.
Xiomara breathed out relaxing at the sound of the closing door, she has been thinking of how to ask Yvette for her help in a way it won't look as if she was desperate or scared of her dreams, even though she was, she can't let Yvette or anyone else sees them.
As an expert in matching outfits with events, it was no surprise to Yvette the outfit Xiomara picked, she was putting on a long white gown and a white scarf to match, she looked like a Muslim through her attire, even though she wasn't.
“Let's stop at Pinnacle hospital first, I need to see Corrado,” Xiomara said during the ride to meet the shaman.
“Okay boss,” Yvette said taking the left u-turn leading to the hospital.
Pinnacle hospital was a private hospital, the most expensive, and have the best doctors so regular people were hardly seen at the hospital because of the expensive medical bills.
Yvette parked the XW Benz at the parking slot along with other expensive cars which were packed there.
The name of the hospital was inscribed boldly on the rooftop for everyone to see.
Xiomara alighted from the car, likewise, Yvette followed her holding a black briefcase and a laptop.
“Didn't know you were coming, you didn't give me any heads up” Dr. Rico said ushering both Xiomara and Yvette into her cozy big office.
“I was actually heading out, just decided to step in and say hello,” Xiomara said, she was already seated, while Yvette reminded standing as usual.
“Oh, so what do I offer you?” Dr. Rico asked “Nothing, I'm fine,” Xiomara said turning down his request.
“I came because I figured out it has been quite long I appreciated your hard work and most importantly I want us to renew our contract under some new terms and conditions,” Xiomara said signaling Yvette who walked forward and dropped the briefcase on top of the table and opened it.
The shiny bright gold bars were quick to capture Dr. Rico’s attention and he gulp down.
“Isn't that too much?” he asked.
“This is also for you to stop tipping off information regarding Corrado’s health, If there is any problem or anything to be told, it's exclusively for my ears only,” Xiomara said.
“About Richelmo....” Dr. Rico who seems to have understood Xiomara's point was saying but Xiomara snapped him out of his flimsy excuse.
“Save it, I didn't come here to hear your point of view”
“This is going to be my last warning to you” Xiomara added.
“It's not going to happen again, so shall we discuss contract renewal,” Dr. Rico said, stealing a glance at the gold bars.
Xiomara sprayed her palm and Yvette gave her a brown fat envelope “Sign it” Xiomara said dropping it in front of him, Dr. Rico didn't even think twice and signed his name.
“It's been ten years, when do you plan to....”
“It's none of your business, stick to the contract” Xiomara was quick to reply.
“yes of course I will do that, Sorry” Dr apologized immediately.
“I'm going to see him before I leave” Xiomara said leaving the office and Yvette followed suit.
Corrado had the best ward in the hospital, his lover and mistress Xiomara made sure of that and there was a security guard at his doorpost.
The air freshener mixed with the usual hospital drug scent welcome her into the big platinum ward.
Corrado could be seen on life support and his drip was moving the usual way.
“It's been ten years, his back must be cramped up” Xiomara muttered sitting close to him.
She might look like the loving and compassionate wife who was scared of losing her darling husband but she wasn't even close to that she kept Corrado her supposed lover in his present situation, that's how dangerous she is.

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