TOSSED; The Serendipitous Lady
By Kristen Cee
Date: November 16, 2022
Ch. 2Ruthless And Sassy

"To Borelli house" Her eyes were shut as she relaxed at the back of her limousine. 
Both Luca and Yvette gave her a sharp glance "Actually, he's out on a family vacation at his penthouse, we should visit him tomorrow" Luca said. 
Xiomara gradually opened her eyes and stared at Luca and Yvette, they were both seated at the back of the limousine with her while Foschi her private driver occupied the driver's position. 
"Family vacation huh?" she smirked "I love family vacations, especially when it comes with a surprise and unexpected guest"
"Don't you agree with me Luca?" she gave him a hard stare which could only mean one thing "Don't ever tell me what to do ever again". 
Luca gulped hard retracing his previous words to Xiomara, although he was suggesting they visit Borreli the next day but he made it sound like an order, Xiomara hates it when people order her around, especially when low life bodyguards like him do it. 
"I'm sorry" he was fast in apologizing. 
"Call Nevio, I have a little assignment for him" she ordered.
"Right away ma'am," Luca said and quickly placed a call across Nevio. 
The car stopped at a black iron gate, leading to assemblyman Borreli’s penthouse. 
"Looking for someone?" one of the security guards asked. 
"Boss Xiomara is here to see your boss," Foschi said keeping a straight face. 
At the mention of her name, the security guard didn't ask any further questions. 
Xiomara was a huge name in Italy, aside from that she and Assemblyman Borreli were acquainted with each other. The gate opened, giving them access to the building, the distance between the gate and the main house was between fifteen to twenty meters long. 
The car finally stopped in front of the magnificent penthouse and Xiomara walked in alongside Yvette and Luca while Foschi stayed outside. 
"What a pleasant surprise Xiomara" Assemblyman Borreli sipped his wine. 
"Decided to visit an old friend" she sat down looking around as if observing her environment, Luca and Yvette both kept standing behind her. 
"Care for a drink"
"Sure" She smiled and one of Borreli’s men poured her a glass of wine. 
she smelt the wine and shook the glass lightly before taking a sip "Sorath 1854" she smiled. 
"Hmm, impressive, you know your wines," Borreli said. 
"Yes, I know everything, every single thing," Xiomara said staring deeply at Borreli while smiling. 
Borreli seemed to notice something was off and adjusted on his seat "Do you need anything Mara" Borreli asked. 
"It's Xiomara, I don't like it when my name is shortly formed" she took in a deep breath and dropped the wine glass. 
"Why?" she asked looking at Borreli. 
"Why what? I think I'm missing something here?" Borreli asked. 
"I see you want to play the dumb card with me, but don't worry, I got that covered already" Xiomara signaled Yvette who walked towards Borreli and played a video for him, it was the video of how Almiro was killed, Luca had filmed everything. 
"I don't know him," Borreli said nervously, it was easy to tell because he was looking very uncomfortable. 
"I didn't ask" She smiled. 
"So, what are you trying to prove?, why did you show me the video" Borreli said a little courageous. 
"I was curious, why would Almiro mention your name?, the last I check, neither of us was in each other's black book, so what happened?"
"I don't know what happened," Borreli said and sipped his wine. 
"That was a rhetorical question" Xiomara scoffed. 
"Are you being sassy with me, Get out" Borreli ordered angrily and Xiomara burst into laughter. 
"Do you think you can walk into my den to threaten me, I would advise you to wait for me to come to yours" Borreli said confidently. 
"But you already came to mine Borreli and I'm just returning the favor, you know me, I always return favors, whether good or bad, I always return them" Xiomara paused to stare at him. 
"You tried to kill my little girl as if that wasn't much of a crime, you burnt three of my warehouse, Gosh do you know much I lost?" Xiomara asked. 
"So, do you want me to pay you back" There was a tune of mockery in his voice which made Xiomara scoff. 
"Your lucky your overly devoted nanny took the bullet for her, if not your little girl would have been in the cold room chilling" Borreli sipped his wine. 
"You look too confident than I had expected" 
"Why, are you scared?" Borreli gave her a "you can't do anything kind of look"
"I'm not scared Borreli, I'm just thrilled, For someone who's going to die, you look very confident" Xiomara said. 
"Who is going to kill me, you?" Borreli burst into laughter "Don't be ridiculous Xiomara, I'm not like those politicians scared of you" Borreli said. 
"I'm glad your whole family is here, it would save me the stress of sending my condolence to them, but I will make sure to drop flowers on your graves, I will surely do that". Borreli stared at her deeply with lots of resentment.
"So how many is it going to be, you, your wife, and three kids... Five, take note Yvette" Xiomara said smiling. 
"You can't do anything to me, just take your men and leave while I'm still being nice to you, and stop making empty threats," Borreli said. 
"I don't like long talks Borreli, even you should know that and neither do I make empty threats, I try to fulfill them all" Xiomara said. 
"Indeed, I don't regret doing what I did, you keep up to your threat, maybe you should consider keeping up to your promised to support my political campaign but what did you do, you went ahead to dine with Paolo who is my sworn enemy," Borreli said, Xiomara stared at him shocked. 
"Paolo?" she asked. 
"Oh you mean the peace dinner" she got a glimpse of what Borreli was saying. 
"You thought I was dining with Paolo" she burst into laughter as Borreli stared at her. 
*Too bad, your insecurity and trust issues have gotten you into problems, what to do"
"I'm not scared of you" Borreli said boldly to her face. 
"If I were you I would be, you don't know what is waiting for you" Xiomara smirked. 
"Xiomara Della Rocco, I no longer have any business with you and I seriously think you have overstayed your welcome" Borreli stated
"Are you sure about that?" She asked. 
"I'm yet to fulfill my daughters' late nanny's dying wish, I would be a devil if I don't so I'm here to do it" Xiomara said. 
"So what was her wish, Money?"
Xiomara scoffed at the question "What will she be doing with that in hell unless you have hell currency, then you can send me to her when I send you there, she needs company, a lot of them" Xiomara said standing up. 
"But, I can spear you, if you would step down from your government position and admit to your crimes in a press conference"
Borreli burst into laughter, stepping his right foot on the ground her a kid "What do you think I am, a fool" Borreli said. 
"Why don't you admit to yours first, you aren't any better than I am Xiomara" he added. 
"You should respect your elders you know" Borreli didn't let Xiomara say another word. 
"That you are now the lady of the Rocco family and ruler of the Pyxinx empire doesn't give you the right to disrespect me, I know when you were just a piece of trash Ursula, crafting your way deceitfully into your present position, you were just fortunate enough that's all".
The both of them went into ten minutes staring competition without saying a word to each other and the guards too. 
"Nice pendant" she broke the silence shocking Borelli who was expecting her to react in a different way to what he just said. 
He gazed at her with eyes and ears wide open, still waiting for the worst but was caught unaware as Xiomara quickly grabbed his pendant off his neck, making him groan in pain. 
"This is going to be my little trophy hmm," Xiomara said with her chin up. 
"You know, like a sort of remembrance that I was here today and something to make me remember that there was a family like yours on this earth" she added and Borelli scoffed shaking his head vigorously. 
"Addio (goodbye in Italy)" Xiomara said and walked out of the room together with Luca and Yvette. 
Borreli banged his hand forcefully making the wine glass fall off the table and shattered into pieces pouring out its content. 
"Who does she think she is to threaten me?" Borreli asked picking up his phone. 
"And that pendant is a limited edition and very expensive, why did she have to take it" He whined typing some messages on his phone, just then he stopped when he began to hear a beeping sound. 
"Honey! Honey!!" his wife called running downstairs, "I think the gas cylinder is leaking," she said immediately after she saw him, Borreli turned to her, he was now standing. 
"And that beep, where is it coming from?" he asked. 
"The kitchen too, I traced it to there, even though I what's beeping," She said. 
Borreli turned to the door but it has been like three minutes since Xiomara walked passed the door. 
"Call the fire service and rescue team, call the security guard and make sure Xiomara doesn't leave this......" Borreli was saying this when a loud noise was heard. 
They all turned in the direction of the noise only to see a walking fire coming to consume them. 

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