My Kidnapper is an Alpha
By Kim Robhyn
Last Post: January 27, 2022

Alice kleiton, a seventeen-year-old girl who's only living to find the truth behind her father's death. Her dad disappeared when she was only ten and she was told that her dad has been killed by werewolves which is too unrealistic for her since she never saw a werewolf her whole life. She will start to believe that werewolves are real when a werewolf kidnapped her and brought her to a place way too different from her village. She will discover the truth about her dad. He was still alive and one of the werewolf hunters that left their families a long time ago to hunt these beasts. Seeking the truth will lead her to know the true identity that she is a werewolf, the daughter of an alpha that was killed by hunters
Will she be able to reunite with her dad when she already found herself falling in love with her werewolf kidnapper? How will she cope up with the reality that she is a werewolf raised by a human? How will she be able to choose between humanity and her true identity?

You need 2 points to view each paid chapter.

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