My Kidnapper is an Alpha
By Kim Robhyn
Date: November 19, 2021
Ch. 1The nightmares

"Alice, run!" her dad shouted while running and being chased by a beast.

She doesn't know what to do until her feet started running as if they have their own mind. She wanted to run as far as she could but her legs are shaking and weak. She stumbled and fall to the ground. She looked around and saw how the people in their village are being killed by these beasts and how they fought for their lives.
She cried loudly and screamed waiting for her own death... when suddenly she felt a slight slap on her face.

"Alice! Alice, wake up!" she rose from her bed panting. How come it always felt so real?

"Are you ok?"

It was her mom trying to wake her up. Thanks to her she escaped from her nightmare death. She looked at her mom and nodded.

"It's the same old nightmare mom," she said while breathing heavily.

"Ugh! Alice, I always told you to always pray before you go to sleep. Look at you, you are having the same nightmare all over again." She scolds her while handing her a glass of water.

"Mom, I always pray. I know there is something behind that dream. Dad was there, he wanted me to run!" she tried to explain. She knows there is something with that bad dream.

She was only ten years old when her dad died. They didn't even get to see his dead body. It was not only him who died that night. A lot of the villagers vanished as if they have been abducted by some extraterrestrial. Some men and women and even boys in their twenties. It was too questionable for her how they died. Until now that she's seventeen there is no trace of their death. Some are saying they have been killed by werewolves, like what the hell? Is this some kind of a freaking twilight drama? She doesn't believe in those things unless she will get to see them with her own eyes. She will never give up on finding the truth about her dad's death.

"You should get ready for school, get up now," her mom threw her the bath towel.

She stood up and went directly to the bathroom.

She was patting a towel on her hair and went to the kitchen. She grabbed one veggie sandwich that her mom prepared. She always eats veggies. Never tasted meat her whole life. Her dad told her she has a rare disease that will trigger once she tasted any meat.

"Mom?" She called her mom as she can't see her around.

She saw her younger sister Annie just come out of her room.

"Annie, have you seen mom?" She asked while chewing her sandwich.

"Nope!" She coldly said.

She always has this feeling that she's somehow an outcast in this house. She got two sisters, she's the middle one and she never had the chance to bond with them the way they both do with each other. Her mom and dad showed her the real love a daughter can ever ask for. That's why she was this broken-hearted when her dad died. He was always on her side whenever one of her sisters pull something against her. Whenever she get bullied from school, he was always to the rescue. He will drive her around, bring her to shopping malls. And cooks her fave dish. Though she doesn't have any fave dish at all. Veggies are veggies almost always taste the same. She just wanted to see her dad happy cooking her "fave dish".

She went around looking for her mom. She remembered the school principal wanted to talk to her about something she doesn't have any idea about.
She always makes it to the top every school year. Since this is gonna be the last year of her high school life, she wants to make her mom proud that she consistently made it to the top. But this time she doesn't have any idea why the principal wants to talk to her.

She found her mom in the backyard talking to Jacob. She was about to interrupt them when she heard her mom say.

"She needs proper training Jake."

"Yeah I know, but how will I do that if she's still going to school?" Jacob argued with her mom.

"I already sent a request to the princip-" her mom stopped talking when she noticed her.

She walked in their direction.

"Hi, Jake!" she waved at him and gave him a bright smile.

"Hey there Alice, how are you?" he waved back at her.

"Getting prettier," she jokingly said.

Jacob is the son of his dad's best friend. His dad was one of those who vanished from their village seven years ago. She felt bad about him since he only have his dad as his family but unfortunately, he died so now he was left alone. He is ten years older than her they grew up together and always got each other's side as best friends. He got his good looks from his dad that every girl from their village is going crazy for his charming look and dashing personality. Well, she can't blame those girls because even she herself, has a crush on her guy best friend.

"Honey, aren't you supposed to go to school now?" Her mum asked.

"Yup, but I just need to tell you something before I go. Actually, the principal wants to talk to you about something. She asked if you are available today?"

"Oh, that? Ok, I'll be there later this afternoon," she smiled at her while she caressed her face.

"Alright mom, I'll be going then," she said and kissed her mom and turn to Jacob.

"Let me drive you off," he offered.

"Of course you will," she laughs and throws him the car key.

After school, she saw her mom waiting outside. She waved at her to get her attention.
Oh, so she really came! I wonder what is it about this time!

"Get in the car, Alice," said her mom in a hurried tone.

She went to the other side of the car and hopped in. Her mom started the car quickly and before she knew it, they are already at Jacob's house.

"Mom, what are we doing here?"

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