A Billionaire's Secret
By Bethel-Gold
Last Post: November 24, 2022

After graduating college and learning of a secret, Cade Lorenzo set off to a foreign country in search for his parents to know why they left and just to know who they are. There he met with a lady whom he had connected with over the internet and had been talking to for a while.

He meets with his mum which turned out to be a disaster and decides to stay there and start his life a new as a common man, soon he is met with another secret that might put his life at risk and those that he cares about.

He learns of all Daniella plan and shenanigans then set home to reveal her secret to his family when disaster meets him and almost took his life. His family was left with the news that he died.

Some years later, he came back and his family were shocked but at the same time happy that he was alive and well but there was something off about the Cade Lorenzo they knew. His act, how he reacts to somethings were bothersome and they have to find out what changed before he destroys everything.

You need 1 point to view each paid chapter.

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