A Billionaire's Secret
By Bethel-Gold
Date: October 22, 2022
Ch. 2Graduation in a Tavern(cont'd)

“I wish there was more to say honestly” he looked up at the empty street then turned to the right to see if its where he wanted to stroll to.

After much contemplation, he decides to head the other way.

“My cousin, friend, and younger brother managed to drag me out before the party started, you know how I am with the crowd?” he told her “I’d just prefer something quiet and small, nothing too noisy or elaborate. Also, there would be a dinner with the mostly close family” he informed.

“Okay, that’s good… make sure to attend”

“I have to, don’t want to make mum mad anymore. She wasn’t pleased with how we behaved earlier”

“No mother would be pleased to see their son act in such a manner. I will be heading out to run some errands, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay and that your graduation went well”

“Thanks, dear, have a lovely day,” he said and they said their ‘goodbyes’ before he disconnected and continue walking.

The day was slowly getting tired as the sky began to darken, luckily for the workers at the tavern. It was quite packed with so many customers requesting the most expensive drinks and wine they had in store.

They were quite short on staff seeing as just a few worked the evening and night shifts so getting the customers their drinks was quite a hassle but those working their shift could pull through. They were able to get ‘Big Mark’ to stop his whining and get him a standby waiter who would answer his beck and call.

“Damien, could you arrange for me some chips and two cans of those sodas for the big guys by the door?” the brown-haired woman in a small pink dress, an apron tied around her waist, and a scarf packing her hair on top of her head.

“Sure Lex” the man on the counter winked then began arranging what she asked of.

“Hey Lex” a big-chested man who had a wife beater on with a worn-out cowboy hat on his head, called out to her and she turned around to look at him with her brows raised as she awaits what he wanted to say to her. “Some dude back there wants to have a word with you,” he said.

A frown instantly crowned her feature as she looked behind him at the man he was talking about. At the far end of the tavern was a man in an all-dark brown attire, sipping from the cup in front of him as he checks his watch from time to time.

Lexi suspected that he might be the one she has been avoiding for so many years and feared what he would do to her this time, now that he was able to confidently approach her at her place of work.

Seeing the uneasiness that played on her face, the big guy offered to walk him out and keep him away from the building.

“No, it's fine. I will go see him now, nothing to worry about” she said and called one to the working waitress to serve the table she was going to serve then walked to the man in slow steps as she tried to think of what she could say to him so that he can get off her tail.

The man was one of the reasons she made a really harsh decision and she didn’t want to keep running away from him. She needed him to leave her alone and just mind his business since she had made a choice to stay out of his way.

“You would have just stayed hiding under the shadows instead of coming here to disturb my work” she napped then sat on the chair opposite him.

The man raised his head to look at her and familiar grey eyes met with hers for a while before she looked away and focused her gaze on the cup he was sipping from. She could feel the same kind of chills he gives every single time they look into each other’s eyes.

It definitely wasn’t the good kind of chills and she didn’t like it one bit.

The man said nothing but continued to look at her as he sips his drink. He noticed the fear she held for him and it was something he cherished more than anything. Maybe this time, she might just give up and do what he wanted her to do so that he can leave her in peace if it pleases his heart.

He was aware that she was fidgeting but commends her for her ability to cover it up and look bold in front of him.

It was funny how those familiar sets of beautiful orbs brought about comfort to her long ago and now these sets that stared at her didn’t rather they were cold, dry, and empty of anything remorse, conscience, or emotions.

“I was wondering that you might actually send one of your minions to deliver whatever message you have for me” she comments then looked back at those cold eyes, trying not to let it get to her. “Maybe I just got lucky or whatever you want to get across to me is something really huge and important to you” she shrugged and he let out a small laugh.

“If it’s concerning our last meeting then no,” she said firmly and he smirked.

“We both know that you can’t stand to your words for too long because no matter what, you will always respond to my every request”

“You’re a monster” she states.

“You haven’t complimented me in a while so I’ll take it, thank you” he bowed a little then continued sipping. “So, not to take too much of your time, he would be coming to town soon, I will lure him here and as soon as he comes, he will surely look for you so I want you to accept him and welcome him into the family” he instructed.

“Treat him like family and from there I will take it over,” he said.

“And to think that I will listen to you?” she asked with sarcastic laughter.

“I bet you have no choice except you want to completely lose all that you have now” he threatened and that shuts her up.

She could feel her eyes water after he said that, she was carefree and was bothered about a few things. Those things were people she cared deeply for and it hurt her that she lost them soon.

“You bastard, you took almost everything from me, and now you want to take it all from me? I hate you?” her words were coated with the number of dislikes she bore for him.

“That’s why you need to cooperate so that it stays at an ‘almost everything’ level as of now,” he says to her then finished his drink, stood up, put a few cash on the table, and waited to say something to her. “I will see you when I see you next, remember my offer and pick wisely”

She watched him walk out the door and couldn’t explain whether she felt relief that she might not be seeing him in a while or what steps he was going to take this time to pull through his threats.

“GOD help me” she muttered then stood up and went back to work.

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