A Billionaire's Secret
By Bethel-Gold
Date: October 24, 2022
Ch. 5A Foreign Land

It has been over two weeks since Cade moved into this small town on the outskirt of Chicago and when he landed, he made sure to contact his parents and little brother to fill them in about his trip and was already getting settled in the apartment he had booked before arriving.

He wanted to relax and know his environment first before going to his mum’s place of work and seeking the answers he needed. Although while sightseeing, he made a few friends, one at the supermarket he shops at, the other was the receptionist at the hospital Michelle worked in and he also met with Michelle once in a while.

He had taken her on a few dates and they got to know more of each other gradually, it was quite pleasing to meet her after months of speaking on the phone, she also helped him to settle in properly and he was grateful for that.

Presently he was seated on the couch in his small living room as he went through the information he got from Daniella. He knew his parents were aware that she was the one who let him know of it but he didn’t want to cause any form of chaos, she was enough headache for him, he didn’t want his parents to have another problem with her.

It was just too bad that his little brother was still captured in her dangerous claws and hoped that his eyes would be opened to see all her wrongdoings and he can know that she isn’t someone that he should want to marry.

He looked closely at Lexi’s picture and could see the slight resemblance of himself in her. He had her green eyes and smile. She was a beauty indeed, she had blonde curly hair that was gathered in a pink scarf and she was wearing a brown lady’s suit as she stood like a fierce woman ready to battle whatever comes her way.

He smiled then dropped the picture and took the paper that her place of work address was written on then sat back on the couch as he thought of how his meeting with her will go.

With what his mum and dad told him, it was very obvious that she might not like the idea of seeing him anywhere around her and he wants to just know why she had to take such a decision. If not anything, he deserves an answer to all these, and also, he wants to know who his dad was, whether or not he is dead, he just wants to see how he looks like and what made his dad and mum separate or whatever that happened.

He thought of it going well and properly. Like she will be all emotional when she sees him and apologize for leaving him when she would have just taken full responsibility for him then she would explain all things to him and want to be in his life then he would forgive her and accept her back as his mum.

Cade relaxed back on the couch and lifts his legs to the top of the table then closed his eyes as he reminisces on the day he was set to leave when his brother and friend came to help him pack up and escort him to the airport.

“Where would you be lodging? Will you need to take your car? How long would you have to stay? Hope you would stay long enough for me to take over the business. I don’t want to work there Cade, please come back on time” Dimitri pleaded.

Cade shook his head and then looked at Aiden who shook his head too and shrugged at his childishness and the numerous questions he threw at him.

“I wonder which I should answer first” Cade put the rest of the clothes he arranged for himself to take so that he wouldn’t have to worry about cloth shopping.

“Any of the questions I asked” Dimitri sat on his bed as he awaits his response.

“I booked for an apartment there already” he started but was interrupted by Aiden who silently remarked.

“An apartment? I doubt you have plans of coming back home” he shrugged when Cade threw him a glare. “Or you could have said that you wanted to relocate and that would have been the best word for it” he shrugged yet again.

“I have no plans of taking my car, I don’t really know how long I will stay but it's certain that I will come home and update you guys on how I am faring,” he said then thought for a moment “Is that all the questions that you asked?”

“I guess, but why can’t you just tell me your main purpose for leaving? I know it's not just ‘exploring’ as you put it, there is something to your leaving and I want to know, just fill me in and no one will have to know anything. Just us bro” Dimitri came closer to him and whispered the last part to him.

Cade laughed it out and put the two bags that were packed beside his bed as he awaits the time to get to when its two hours to his flight so that he could be on his way.

“Dimitri, I am going for some self-discovery and you know how much I have told you that I wanted to explore outside the walls of our world?” Dimitri nods “The time has come,” he said to him.

“But how about your training? You will need them before taking over the company gradually”

“I talked with dad about it and he permits me to leave” he pats his brother’s shoulder “Just be good and well behaved, I want you to look over our old people,” he told him.

“I will just make sure that you come back home in one piece, else we would have a strong beef” Dimitri warned then pointed his finger at him “Call and pick up your calls, else we would send down an army to look for you”

Cade chuckled at that and they both shared a hug and he hugged Aiden too before making his way out of his apartment, with his two nest buds following behind him.

“We will go eat something before I leave,” he tells them and they agreed.

“Such a boy” he muttered then picked up his phone to dial his brother’s number. It was still in the morning and he calculated that it would be late evening over there and Dimitri would either be with his girl or out with the guys.

After two rings, the line was connected and instead of Dimitri’s voice being sounded, it was Daniella’s voice that he heard.

“How are you doing Cade?” she asked just when he was about to disconnect the line.

“Where is Dimitri? Put him on the phone, I need to speak with him” he told her but she let out a laugh.

“Dimitri went out for a walk and would be back in some hours, you know how grumpy he can be sometimes?” she chuckled “He needs it,” she says.

“Okay, when he gets back, tell him I called to say hi to his whining ass, bye,” he said and was going to hang up when she spoke again.

“How is your stay over there? Have you met mummy yet? Did she welcome you with open hands? Have you guys had your reunion?” she asked.

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