A Billionaire's Secret
By Bethel-Gold
Date: October 22, 2022
Ch. 1Graduation in a Tavern

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“Congrats big brother” Dimitri tapped his back and came to sit beside him on the sofa that was placed in front of his bed.

“Thank you, very much little brother,” he comments then finished up his drink, placed the cup on the table, and crossed his legs on the table as he lay back on the couch. “Where are the rest of the team?” he asked and Dimitri pointed to the door.

In came Aiden and Caleb who were both carrying trays and a small cooler in each hand.

“It feels like Christmas or your birthday, so enjoy this treatment while it lasts,” says Aiden who came up to him and shook hands with him after putting down the items he was carrying.

“Thank you, guys, for helping me get out before the party began” Cade sighed then shook hands with Caleb who hit him lightly at the back of his head.

“Anything for you, bro” Dimitri tap his back and shook him a bit aggressively before his hand was slapped by Cade who threw him a dirty look.

“Your mum didn’t really look pleased with how you guys behaved” Caleb states and they rolled their eyes except for Cade who just wore a small smile on his lips.

“I’ll apologize,” Cade said “Mum is quite aware of how I feel about crowds and how much I didn’t want to go to this university in the first place” he looked at Aiden who was scrolling through his phone then to his brother and Caleb “I would have preferred a university with not so much population” he shrugged.

“It’s just to get the degree, I could do that online or go to a non-populated university for that”

“But dad is against that, you are very aware of how much dad takes pride in doing things in an expensive and executive way” Dimitri states, and Cade shrugged.

“At least I got out alive, no more girls trying to get my attention because I am the son and next heir to all my dad’s property” he put his hand behind his head while laying back.

“If I didn’t have a girl, I would have enjoyed the attention I get from those girls” Dimitri comments.

“You’re still with your girl but that didn’t stop some of those girls in your university to throw themselves at you” Aiden pointed out and grabbed some snacks from the tray she brought in then threw a pack to each of them.

“I am not that kind of guy, I am loyal and I stay with just one girl which is my lady, Daniella”

“Yeah, whatever”

“There is going to be a dinner later tonight to celebrate the success of Cade’s graduation” Caleb mentioned and both brothers let out heavy sighs “What is the problem now Dimitri? We are quite aware of why Cade feels such a way”

“I forgot about the dinner and already asked Daniella out on another date… she has been feeling stressed out these past days and I wanted to ease up the stress she is feeling” he explains.

“I am not a fan of being around your girlfriend but I would do anything to third wheel in your date” Cade looked at his brother.

“Nah, I go on my own… singles aren’t invited,” he said.

“If I bring my cute brunette friend, can I come along?” Aiden asked and Dimitri shook his head.

“No third wheel, no double dates. It's just going to be me and my love” he said to them and Caleb rolled his eyes after which they met with Cade’s own who looked bored.

“I will just take a walk and probably be back when dinner is almost done,” he says.

“I know that you know that you can’t even try it,” Aiden told him and he grunted.

“I’ll just be present, I don’t want to have to go over with it again and again till mum thinks it's okay for me not to have that dinner celebration”

“I wonder why you don’t like the attention of others, it's quite a good feeling actually, although some will mess with your business, that’s all part of it” Dimitri encouraged.

“I have heard you” he stood up to his feet “See you guys by dinner,” he said then grabbed his phone and walked out of his room to go for that walk.

When he got downstairs, he saw Sofia and Audriana sitting on one of the sofas in the living room as they talked about something and giggled, not wanting to bother them, he walked quietly away from there and to the back door from the kitchen to leave the house.

His phone rang and when he checked who the caller was, a smile instantly graced his lips.

“Hi, I was about to call you,” he said then heard a small sigh from the person on the other side of the call.

“It’s fine Cade, congratulations on your graduation,” she said to him and he chuckled.

“Thank you, dear, how did your day go? Are you feeling better now?”

“Yeah, I am good, thank you. I think my stomach is settled now, I took a few medications that Dave prescribed for me so it calmed the storm in my stomach”

“I am glad to hear that, please be careful of what you eat, okay?”

“Sure boss” she replied as a soldier would. “Tell me about how your graduation ceremony went,”

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