My Kidnapper is an Alpha
By Kim Robhyn
Date: November 19, 2021
Ch. 3Her first kiss?

"You'll be getting proper training from him," she said while taking off her seatbelt.
"Get off now Alice!"

"Oh ok, why such in a hurry?" She really is wondering why her mom was acting strange.

She exited from the car and saw Jacob open the door even before her mom get to knock!

Wow, there is really something I need to know!

Actually, she has been having a self-training. She started from the basics, way back from she was just ten years old just after her dad died.
She watched so many videos from youtube and then apply them to herself. But now maybe she will be getting it on properly with him.

"Jake, she will be turning eighteen next month!" she heard her mom say.

"Yeah I know Maria, we need to start her training right tomorrow," he said while he locked his house and dragged a big duffel bag.

Her mom looked at her with those worried eyes. She held her hand.

"Alice baby, you need to be trained by Jacob. I have your things ready in his car's trunk. You're not anymore going to school, ok? I already talked to the principal about it and nothing to worry you will still graduate next month ok?"

"But mom-"

"No more buts ok? You will understand about this soon," her mom cut her off. She has that urgent tone in her voice that made her just nod and say yes to whatever she said.

She falls asleep while on the drive and Jacob just woke her up when they reach their destination. She wondered why of all places why is it in the woods. They can have the training in a gym or anywhere more comfortable than here.

Jake looked at her as if he can read her mind.

"This is the best place Alice... Trust me," he said and smiled at her.

She looked around and this place looks like a dense forest. Big oak trees and there is no trace of a way.

"We will stay here for a while for like a month or so." He walked past her while carrying all their stuff.

"Do we have a place to stay in here?" she asked wondering.

Deep inside here grows some kind of excitement. Finally, she will be getting the training she has been wanting all this time. And it is more exciting because she's doing it with Jacob.

Dad, I'll be doing this all for you.

"Yeah, dad built a cabin around here. It has everything that we need," he answered. He stopped walking and turned to her.
"We need to reach the cabin before sunset, hurry up, this isn't a safe place when it's dark." He started walking again.

She walked faster as she could so she can walk by his side. They were walking for half an hour now. She heard a rushing water sound.
She ran towards the place where the rushing sound came from. It took her in awe when she saw a beautiful waterfall. And, beside it was a small cabin. She looked at Jacob with the widest smile.

"Jake, seriously?" she giggled because of excitement.

He smiled and nodded.

"That's the cabin Alice," he said while pointing at the left side of the place. Just meters away from the falls. He was smiling to see how happy she is.

She ran over to reach the cabin.

"Wow, this seems like a perfect vacation, look how relaxing this place is," she said while she sat on the ground.

Jacob opened up the cabin and put off their things inside.

"We need to do some cleaning Alice. Your room is on the right side." He handed her a key and all her stuff.

After cleaning, Jacob told her to tidy up her room while he cook food for dinner. While inside her room, she took off all the white sheets that is covering the bed and some furniture. She put all her things inside the cabinet when she saw a small box from the bottom part drawer. She took it out of curiosity and tried opening it.
Before she set her eyes on what's inside she heard him knocking outside her room.
She put back the box to the drawer and opened up her door.

"Dinner is set mademoiselle, let's go eat so we can rest early for tomorrow's activity," he said while he wave a bottle of wine in front of her.

"Wow, you have a wine cellar here too?" she walked by him while being amazed that this small cabin almost has everything.

"Yes, your dad's work," he smiled.

"My dad?" she raised an eyebrow while looking at him.

"Yeah, they built this cabin together with dad."

"Alright, so we both own this place, right? I can go back in here whenever I want then," she said with eyes sparkling.

"Not without me," he chuckled.

Definitely not without you. She giggled at her thought.

When she saw the table, she almost drool to see a lot of food. But mostly veggies. But Jake has steak on his plate.

"How insensitive yeah?"

"Sorry, Alice but I'm not into veggies, you know that," he looked at her apologetically.

"Is he some kind of a mind reader?"

She just shrugged her shoulder and pulled out a chair.

She can't properly eat looking at him chewing his steak. That's why at home she always eats alone or sometimes with her mom. Her sisters love meat and rarely eat veggies. It's not that she doesn't want to eat meat, she knows she can, only that she doesn't want to disappoint her dad. When she was younger, she believes that she really has a disease that will trigger by the time she eats meat. But now that she's grown up. She somehow had a slight doubt about that disease thingy. She's actually craving for one especially...


She grabbed his plate and took a small piece of it and put it in her mouth! She enjoyed seeing how he panicked...


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