Mortal Flames
By Flames
Last Post: September 26, 2021

Book one in the Supernaturals

"I have seen men become gods, and I have seen gods become dust."

*A revenge patiently planned for decades.
*An unquenchable thirst for power.
*A vivacious struggle for survival.

In all this emerging chaos;
~ Jaden, a powerful werewolf struggles to take control of his change into a thirsty Vampire.
~ Stefan, a newly turned Vampire fights an internal battle between his humanity and vampiric nature.
~ Sarah, a potent witch fights to break free from an ancestral contract in her lineage.
~ Elisa, a human struggles between an enstranged love for a Vampire, and protecting her family scroll, holding secrets to great power.
~ Kruger, a werewolf determines to live a human life, but only realizes the advantage of lycanthropy when it is too late, and he struggles against becoming human again.
~ Owen, a teenage human hides and battles the activation of his hunting potential.

From bloodlust and dark secrets to mortal weapons and parralel realities, follow a supernatural journey of mysteries, betrayal, deception, revenge, struggle for power, romance and epic battles in this first book of "The Supernaturals'

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Chapters Date
Ch. 10Rejected
Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 9Mortal Injury
Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 8Provoked
Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 7Challenged Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 6Pandemonium Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 5"We Have Visitors." Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 4Betrayed Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 3Compelled Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 2Cursed Sep 26, 2021
Ch. 1Prologue Sep 26, 2021