Mortal Flames
By Flames
Date: September 26, 2021
Ch. 6Pandemonium

Pandemonium, Haven Brook.

The atmosphere was active and lively. The air reeked of strong alcohol and smoke from cigarettes. The dance floor wasn't innocent either as couples, ladies and men danced care freely, some, carrying out immoral acts.

The men were basically dressed in casual wears, tuxedos, and suits, while the ladies wore revealing dresses and lingeries. The club, Pandemonium was one of the biggest clubs in Haven Brook.

It was known for the rumor of being visited by vampires, due to the rumoured menu: a mixture of a special strong alcohol that could get vampires drunk, and drops of human blood.

Nicki was dressed in a flash pink and blue lingerie that glowed in the club's light. Her face was pale, and her lips; a dark shade of blood red.
She was wearing a blue wig that stood elegantly above her shoulders.

She was a young vampire, and a waitress here at Pandemonium. She bit her lips seductively as he spotted Owen, her human boyfriend at the entrance of the club.

"Hello sexy" Owen said as Nicki walked to him.
They walked out of the club into a dark alley. Swiftly, Nicki slammed Owen onto the wall, making Owen groan in pain.

She moaned as she traced his fingers up her naked thigh. She leaned in and gently kissed his neck.

He moaned in pleasure as he found her fangs bare into his neck, and let out a more pleasurable moan as her fangs sank into his neck and she gently sucked in his blood, her hands finding their way into his chest and slowly caressing it.

Her breathing became tensed as she fought the urge to continue, and as she withdrew her fangs, Owen reached out to grab her buttocks but she caught his hands, holding it with a tight grip.

She smirked as she saw a frown form on his face, and she placed his hand on her breast allowing him to squeeze it gently.
They broke loose as they heard some drops on the floor. They looked down to find a glass tube filled with thick red blood.

"Bullshit." Owen said in regret, and Nicki picks it up her eyes widened in realization of what it was.

"V blood, Owen you are doing drugs!"


"When is your Alpha going to get here ?" Lloyd asked in impatient.
He and the others were seated on a bench provided by the guards at the border of the red Crescent Territory.

Sarah though, was on her feet. The only empty space was next to Lloyd, and she definitely didn't want to seat next to him.

"He's almost here." One of the guard's answered, his expression remaining stoic as before.

They all looked forward as they heard rustling of leaves, and two figures approached from a distance.

"Stefan!" Rayna exclaimed in surprise as Zayn and Jaden neared them.

She ran to hug Jaden, and unaware of her intentions, Jaden acted on an instinct, and rotated his hand in the air before tapping her gently on the chest.

Surprisingly the small tap had an effect on her, and sent her flying and crashing onto the floor.
The others widened their eyes in surprise of what just happened.

"Stefan, how dare you treat Rayna that way," Sarah yelled and her jaws literarily dropped to the floor in shock when Jaden looked back to check who she was talking to.

"Who are they?" Jaden asked the guards.

"Look, I've got to teach him a lesson," Zedler said and stool up before charging at Jaden.
He clenched his fists and punched at Jaden, but Jaden grabbed his fist and got Zedler to groan in pain by twisting his fist.

Jaden stretched out his hands to tap Zedler in the same manner that he did to Rayna, but his hands froze in the air.
He looked up to see Sarah fixating her gaze on his arm and he glanced back at his arm, realizing she was responsible for it.

Beads of sweat began to form on his eyebrows, and his palms began to glow a fiery red; his hands pushing through the psychic barrier and pushing Zedler to the floor, next to Rayna who was still too shocked to stand up.

"You're not Stefan, are you?" Sarah finally realized what was happening.

"Who's Stefan?" Zayn asked.

"Your doppelganger." Sarah pointed at Jaden.


"I don't know why, but I'm sure Xeres is up to something." Jaden fiddled with his fingers, his dull grey eyes staring into oblivion.

"Why would an Alpha of an entire pack want Stefan?" Tyson asked with a curious expression.
They were all seated on couches in the general room of the pack's mansion.

"That's it, I'm reporting him to the ground council." Zayn stood up in anger and turned around to walk away, but was stopped by Jaden's grip on his hand.

"Don't. You don't want the conclave being postponed and moreover we don't have any concrete evidence against him." Jaden released his grip on Zayn.

"I have to train." Zayn shrugged and walked away, leaving the others confused and full of expectations.

Jaden let out a loud sigh and turned around to face them. He was not going to let them know what was going on.

On the bright side, they were an opportunity to interact without any formality. He didn't have to be a Beta to them.

"I'll have my guards prepare empty rooms for you till you find your friends." He smiled.


Lord Roosevelt - Haven Brook.

Lord Roosevelt smiled, looking down at the ring encrusted with a red ruby pearl on his finger.
He was sure the rest of the Grand Council would be surprised to see him raise a challenge at the conclave; after all he was human.

What they didn't know was that he had the Phoenix ring; a ring that gave it's wearer immunity to the magical abilities of magical beings apart from the great powers it held.

The light from the ring illuminated the details of his face: a short grey goatee, his short hair with a mixture of fading black and grey, his sharp black eyes that stood below his scarce eyebrows.

He adjusted the sleeve of his purple robe and walked out of his office.


Pack's mansion, Red Crescent Territory.

Zayn adjusted his swords in the scabbards at his sides. Today was the conclave and he was not going to lose.

He wanted to prove to his father's soul, wherever it was that he was also capable. That he could so anything he or Jaden can, or even more.
He walked towards the exit of the mansion and was approached by Ray.

"Good luck on the conclave." Ray flashed a smile which he returned before spotting Jaden approach.
He was probably coming to try and discourage him from participating in the conclave again.

"Zayn, I need to talk to you," Jaden said and smiled at Ray.
"Privately," Jaden added with a nod sideways and Zayn shrugged before reluctantly following Jaden.

It probably wasn't what he thought or he would have said it right away without minding Ray's presence, Zayn thought once again.

"What?" Zayn asked sharply. He was in haste.

"I think I know what Xeres is up to." Jaden finally managed to draw Zayn's attention as they both walked through an empty corridor.

"What?" Zayn asked curiously and Jaden's answer took him by surprise. "Me."

Before Zayn could talk or react, Jaden attacked a silver cuff to Zayn's hands and swiftly threw a punch to Zayn's face, knocking him off unconscious.

Jaden looked left and right before dragging Zayn into an empty room.
He tied Zayn up, taped his mouth with a silver tape and shut the door.

He walked down the door and took a second to glance at Sarah and Rayna as they passed by before he continued to walk.

Xeres - Black Tridax Territory.

"hungh," I smell victory." Xeres inhaled a deep breath with his hands spread out wide; servants wearing his armor on him.
He had found a way to deceive Drake into not participating in the tournament and Zayn was already probably taken care of by now.

He swirled two swords in the air and swiftly dived them into two scabbards at his sides.

His straight black hair brushed backward as a new Ford drove recklessly down the tarred road in front of his pack mansion and stopped before Xeres. This was his rode to the conclave.

He walked forward and nodded to his guards who were bowing slightly as he walked past them.
A guard opened a door to the passenger seat and bowed as Xeres entered the car.


"This place is big and beautiful." Sarah admired the architecture of the building as she and Rayna roamed the mansion.
They were engrossed in the sight that they didn't notice Jaden approaching.

"Have any of you seen Zayn?" Jaden asked.

"No," Sarah replied, but stopped Jaden as he walked past them to leave, "wait, weren't you just at that corridor a few seconds ago?" How did you get here so fast?" Sarah asked and Jaden turned around to face them in obvious confusion.

He spotted Ray approaching them from behind and moved closer.

"Ray, have you seen Zayn?" Jaden looked even more confused as Ray looked at him in surprise.

"You left with him the other time. I thought you were supposed to follow him to the conclave, where is he?" Ray asked.

"I don't get you guys. I've not passed this corridor today and I've definitely not seen or spoken to Zayn today," Jaden hollered and ran his fingers through his hair.

"If you didn't, then who did?" Rayna asked with an equally confused expression.

"Stefan." Sarah sighed in realization.

"Why would your friend do this?" Jaden asked while resting his palms on his waist and then his eyes widened in realization.

"Xeres. Just as he promised," he said.

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