Mortal Flames
By Flames
Date: September 26, 2021
Ch. 7Challenged

Xeres and Garr stared at each other before Xeres finally took the first step and charged at Garr.
Before he could reach Garr, he froze midair as Garr's gaze entrapped him in a psychic barrier.

Garr walked forward; his gaze not leaving Xeres and he blinked intentionally, releasing Xeres.

Before Xeres could react, he rotated his palm in the air, causing Xeres to flip continuously in the air.

He finally stopped and with an unseen psychic force, he pushed Xeres out of the arena.
Garr looked up and saw Lugard beaming a supportive and proud smile at him.

Drake on the other hand yanked his elbow put of the Hunter's grip and stayed clear from the soul sword's range.

The Hunter smirked on seeing the fear in Drake's eyes. Drake withdrew two swords and held on to it confidently with his fear hidden away.

The hunter slashed his soul sword at Drake, but Drake countered it with his own sword mid air and swiftly used his other sword to tear through the Hunter's side.

The Hunter let out a loud groan before charging back at Drake with rage and determination.

He kept swinging his sword at Drake and Drake kept blocking it with his swords.

The both of them parried around the arena before the Hunter finally managed to slice Drake's right arm.

Drake felt his knees give way beneath him and he screamed in pain as pangs of unbearable pain ran through his veins and his vision becoming blurry.

As his vision got clearer, he saw the Hunter approach and he snarled in rage.

His eyes turned a blood red color, his face even more pale than usual and his lips a darker shade of red.

Drake placed his hands on his thigh and slowly got up on his feet.

He released his grip on his swords and they clattered to the floor.

Confusion flashed in the Hunter's eye, but it immediately disappeared and he made a move on Drake.

He swung his sword at Drake, but vampire wings immediately sprouted out from Drake's back and Drake flew I to the air.

Just as the Hunter balanced himself, he received a light tap at the back and he turned around only to receive a powerful slap on the face; Drake's vampire claws tearing through his face.

The Hunter stumbled back, wincing in pain and before he could prepare himself, Drake planted a kick in his chest which sent him crashing to the ground.

Drake turned around to leave, when unknown to him, the Hunter crawled forward and picked his soul sword.

Drake let out a loud shriek as the Hunter cut through his wings.

Drake turned around and extended his fangs with a snarl and just as he was about to strike the Hunter, a purple ball of fire hit him and threw him out of the arena.

The Hunter looked sideways to see Minerva with an outrageous smile plastered on her seemingly perfect face.

There were only three people on the arena now; The Hunter, Garr, and Minerva.

The Hunter got thrown out of the Arena quickly by Minerva who then went on to face off against Garr.

The fight lasted for some time, before Minerva came out victorious as expected.

The council members all walked to the arena to welcome her to the Grand Council and crown her Councillor.

The Grand Council members there were nine in number; Xeres, Drake, Lugard, Russell, Maddilyn, an old Orl, Pope Festus, Stuart, an Hunter and Craig, an Immortal.

Two were absent, Zayn and Lord Roosevelt.

Pope Festus cleared his throat and went on to speak.

"By the power conferred on me by the Grand Council, I hereby Declare Minerva Vine the....."

"Wait." A voice interrupted Pope Festus and everyone looked towards the Gate to see Lord Roosevelt; his purple robe dancing in the air and a mischievous smile plastered on his face.

"I challenge you to a duel, Minerva."

Jaden-Red cresent territory

Jaden and the others searched frantically for Zayn. Zayn would be heartbroken if he missed the conclave even though he knew he still wouldn’t be able to win against Drake, Garr, or Minerva

Jaden was even more worried that something bad might have happened to him.

“I asked the guard’s at the border, they didn’t see anyone,” Ray approached Jaden.

“Then he must be in the territory,” Jaden said in affirmation, “send word to the members of the park."

“Did that already. No one has seen him.” Ray sighed. Everyone remained silent until Jaden looked up and faced Sarah.

"How’d you know your friend will be in our territory?” Jaden asked.

“Hello, I’m a witch,” Sarah said, and her face lit up with realization, “I am a witch Sarah affirmed. She closed her eyes and a vision flashed in her head.

‘He’s in the corridor and Rayna met you earlier,’ Sarah said and Jaden began running.

Tyson and Zedler faced each other before following him. Doors flung open as Jaden kicked them in his frantic effort to search for Zayn.

He groaned as he kicked a door that refused to open.

“It’s locked.” He affirmed. He hissed impatiently and his clenched fists began to glow a fiery red color like that of heated coal.

He threw his heated fist at the door and the door shattered; the wooden parts flying in the air.

They all raised their hands to cover their eyes so as to avoid wood splinters getting into their eyes.

As everything settled, they opened their eyes to see Zayn at the other side of the room.
He was tied to a table built into the wall, his mouth was covered with a silver tape and his hands were handcuffed.

Jaden ran forward and tore the rope with his hands. Zayn winced in pain when Jaden suddenly pulled the tape off his mouth and Zedler went on to shatter the handcuff with his soul sword.

“You son of a bitch,” Zayn yelled and pushed Jaden by the chest with a groan.

Jaden staggered backward and his feet slid on the smooth marble floor, but he soon balanced.

“Zayn, you don’t unders……” Jaden groaned when Zayn planted a kick in his chest, sending him crashing into an opposite wall. Before Jaden could recover, Zayn threw a punch in his face.

Ray and Zedler ran forward and grabbed Zayn’s arm while struggling to hold him down.

Jaden looked up and used his fingers to wipe off a stain of deep black blood at the corner of his lips.

Zayn finally slipped away from their grip and he rushed at Jaden. He threw his fist at Jaden, but groaned in pain when Jaden grabbed his fist and twisted it; Jaden's eyes flashed the yellow color of Vincent’s eyes.

Then it was Jaden's turn to be held down by ray and Zedler when he made an attempt to strike Zayn.

Sarah let out a loud sigh and walked forward. She dropped her elbows, creating an invisible psychic force that pushed Zayn and Jaden apart.

“Jaden never locked you up, Stefan did,” Sarah said, staring intensely at Zayn, “ he’s under Xeres’s control.” Zayn and Jaden gasped when Sarah suddenly released the psychic grip on them.

“Now Zayn, if you hurry up, you could still catch up before the conclave ends.” Sarah gestured.

“Yes, I might still get there on time,” Zayn said with hope and ran out the door.


The atmosphere was tense and everyone, silent.
Every eyes in the Amphitheatre were on Roosevelt whose robe danced to the rhythm of the air; a mischievous smile plastered on is face.

“I challenge you in to a duel Minerva.” His words seemed to travel at lightning’s speed and erupted into murmurs among the spectators, special guests and council members alike.

Roosevelt smiled knowingly. He was a human and they all thought, ‘what could he probably do?’

“Roosevelt, you’re too late. We were just about to crow….”

“I accept.” Minerva cut Pope Festus short, “I accept your challenge.”

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