Mortal Flames
By Flames
Date: September 26, 2021
Ch. 1Prologue

One generation passeth and another generation cometh, but the earth remaineth forever.

Ecclesiastes 1:4

The road was quiet but for the sound of the car zooming across at great speed. Louisa had worry buried deep into her eyes. She tightened her grip on the steering of the car, and drifted left suddenly.

She looked up to see the full moon, and worry seemed to invade deeper into her eyes. She couldn't wait and watch as her two friends: one a vampire, and one a werewolf kill each other which fighting. Though she was human, she was loved by the both, and was unsure of who she really loved.

She blamed herself for this. She should have realized their feelings for her; but ignorantly, she had seen them as only friends. She hit the brake with full force, and jumped out of the car, barely regaining balance.

She looked up see Ace and Mark; the former, a vampire, and the latter, a werewolf. Mark had made a move first by making her aware of his feelings, and Ace had felt betrayed, since he had previously informed Mark of his feelings; not knowing Mark felt the same way.

Ace was enraged, seeing that Mark had stabbed him in the back by approaching her first.
They faced each other, having monstrous looks on their faces; the tall pine trees, casting dark shadows on them through the moon's light.

They let out loud battle cries, and charged at each other. She opened her mouth in shock and fear, while they fought fiercely: to kill. Her eyes darted back and forth the both of them, before she finally snapped out of it. She had to stop them, it they would kill themselves.

Having the luck of the night being a full moon, Mark overpowered Ace, and brought down his hands to stake Ace in the heart, but his hands stopped mid air as a hand clamped tightly around his biceps. He didn't have to look backward to know it was Louisa, her smell was enough.

The quietness was quickly replaced by the sound of a car and soon, another car drove towards them before coming to a screeching halt. The car's door flung open, and a young man stepped out of the car, with worry etching onto his face.

Louisa looked left, with her head turned sideways, to see her brother's worried face. He had probably followed her here to ensure her safety. Jordan, her brother had never really trusted Mark, Ace, or any other supernatural out there.

Ace, seeing the distractions as his opportunity to strike Mark, silently withdrew a silver sword from a scabbard strapped to his side. Mark suddenly noticed this, but he was too late, as the silver sword was already making it's way towards him.

They all gasped in shock when Louisa swiftly got in the way of Mark and the sword; the sword going through her heart.

Jonah felt his fingers slowly unfurl round his car key, and it clattered to the floor. His sister was lying on the floor, right before his eyes, in a pool of her own blood, and supernaturals were responsible for this.

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