Love Incorporated
By Elena Lane
Last Post: July 30, 2021

Tabitha Collins and Braxton Decker aren’t meant to be together. Tabitha and Braxton’s family have been feuding for decades; so, the last thing her parents want is for Tabitha to have anything to do with Braxton. Besides, Tabitha has her eyes set on Jared Blakely, son of the CFO of Tabitha’s family’s company, Collins & Collins as it seems only natural that they would get together, but will Jared live up to Tabitha’s expectations and will Braxton somehow weasel his way into Tabitha’s perfectly organized life?

Chapters Date
Ch. 44 Jul 30, 2021
Ch. 33 Jul 23, 2021
Ch. 22 Jul 16, 2021
Ch. 11 Jul 9, 2021