XOXO, I Hate You
By Elena Lane
Last Post: June 19, 2019

Beverly Wells is nineteen and definitely doesn’t want to settle down, but when her parents tell her that they have arranged a marriage for her, Beverly’s world is turned upside down. Beverly hates the very idea of an arranged marriage, but when she realizes that she actually likes the guy she’s supposed to marry, things become complicated. Beverly doesn’t want to let herself fall for Gordon Reeve; it’s a matter of principle. Beverly is forced to decide what means more to her: her own beliefs or Gordon. The choice won’t be easy, but somehow, Beverly will find a way to make it all work.

Chapters Date
Ch. 1111 06/19/2019
Ch. 1010 06/12/2019
Ch. 99 06/05/2019
Ch. 88 05/29/2019
Ch. 77 05/22/2019
Ch. 66 05/15/2019
Ch. 55 05/08/2019
Ch. 44 05/01/2019
Ch. 33 04/24/2019
Ch. 22 04/17/2019
Ch. 11 04/10/2019

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