The Plastic Lover
By Elena Lane
Last Post: September 18, 2018

Broke college sophomore, Marley begins working at a grocery store. She doesn’t like the work much, but she grows to form friendships with her coworkers at the store. It’s there she meets two guys: Henry, the bag boy, and Trevor, the son of the Super Stock’s CEO. Marley forms a bond with each boy, but when the unexpected happens, Marley must choose which boy she should put her trust in. Both boys are charming in their own way, but she’s forced to decide which guy is best for her: poor or rich; funny or handsome; paper or plastic.

Chapters Date
Ch. 55 Sep 18, 2018
Ch. 44 Sep 11, 2018
Ch. 33 Sep 4, 2018
Ch. 22 Aug 28, 2018
Ch. 11 Aug 21, 2018