Blood Crown
By Violet Day
Last Post: October 19, 2020

Senna has spent her whole life hating the privileged magic users that live in the Silver Palace.

When the king dies and the prince must marry so he can become king, a contest is held like nothing the kingdom has ever seen: a contest for non-magic using girls where the winner becomes queen.

Senna isn’t drawn to the contest for the life of luxury or the prince. She wants to win so she can change things for those who are born in circumstances like her own.

As she progresses farther in the competition than she expected, she begins to uncover a dark plot within the castle. Could she still become queen? And why can’t she stop thinking of the handsome young librarian she met while exploring the palace?

Chapters Date
Ch. 33 Oct 19, 2020
Ch. 22 Oct 12, 2020
Ch. 11 Oct 5, 2020