A Moment Between Worlds
By Violet Day
Last Post: December 15, 2018

Tessa used to love fantasy novels, but she doesn't have time for them anymore. Now she works a mind-numbing computer repair job in San Francisco that leaves her no time for dreaming big.

On an otherwise normal day, Tessa starts to see things and people that don't seem quite normal. When one of those mysterious people, a beautiful young man, ends up outside her bedroom window, she can't help but ask him what's going on.

She learns that the young man, a court sorcerer named Amien, was banished to Earth at the whim of an evil sorcerer who is taking over Amien's kingdom with dangerous magic. Inspired by this story -and by Amien's beautiful glittering eyes -Tessa vows to help him save his world.

Chapters Date
Ch. 1010 Feb 2, 2018
Ch. 99 Jan 26, 2018
Ch. 88 Jan 19, 2018
Ch. 77 Jan 12, 2018
Ch. 66 Jan 5, 2018
Ch. 55 Dec 29, 2017
Ch. 44 Dec 22, 2017
Ch. 33 Dec 15, 2017
Ch. 22 Dec 8, 2017
Ch. 11 Dec 1, 2017

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