Blackwood High: Death Games
By StarIntheNight
Last Post: January 7, 2022

Stood in the deepest depths of a hidden forest is a school. A school that is far from your expectations. A school that you never imagined being built and existed in this world. A school that you never dreamed of entering and enrolling.
'Blackwood High'

Death exists there, and a girl named Avy Demascenia will get to play in the whirlwind of Death's hands. A kick-ass girl who knows just a little information about the future school that she plans to enter. She only knew that she's acceptable in here because of her attitude. Like a typical troubled teen, she's terrible and cursed. She'll enter the premises of the school as an innocent girl, but with a terrible reputation.

And together with you, with us...
She'll uncover the secrets behind those black and dark gates of Blackwood High.

♤ • • • ♤

Author and BWH's President Warning:
"Don't go; it's black and dark.
Dare to enter, and your nightmare will now start."

You need 1 point to view each paid chapter.