The Seat We Sit On
By cryptxnite
Last Post: June 21, 2022

Freesia Mandeville has this habit to write and doodle anywhere in her school. May it be on the walls, chairs, and even on the comfort room's newly painted doors; even on the seat she's sitting on in the classroom. She didn't expect a reply from a person in another section who also used the chair during the afternoon shift of class. Out of boredom, she wrote again hoping that the same thing would happen. It did.

After a series of exchanging not-more-than-ten-words conversation with an unknown student from the second shift, Freesia realized that the words carved on the wooden desk are filling up on it. One glance and it will be appallingly obvious for her to be sent off to the guidance office for vandalizing.

So, as the last month before their junior high school class ends, she begins to write longer sentences on a piece of paper and stick it under the desk. Then, he responds by writing on the back part of the sheet. Freesia is always the one who would rather keep the pieces of paper. She is cool with it.

No meet up. No pressure. No commitment. She would write in the morning for she's in the morning shift. He would respond in the afternoon for his class starts at one o'clock. She would read it the next day. The cycle repeats.

Where would it lead her after a series of exchanging rants and nonsense messages when her longtime crush, Rico, confessed that he also feels the same?

Chapters Date
Ch. 26Cold Jun 22, 2022
Ch. 25Text Jun 21, 2022
Ch. 24System Jun 20, 2022
Ch. 23Forgiven Jun 19, 2022
Ch. 22You Exist Jun 18, 2022
Ch. 21To End Jun 17, 2022
Ch. 20Prom Jun 16, 2022
Ch. 19Burning Cheeks Jun 15, 2022
Ch. 18Glimpse of Green Jun 14, 2022
Ch. 17Manicure Jun 14, 2022
Ch. 16Keep in Touch Jun 13, 2022
Ch. 15First Letter Jun 12, 2022
Ch. 14Confrontation Jun 11, 2022
Ch. 13Leaving Jun 10, 2022
Ch. 12ID Jun 8, 2022
Ch. 11Bicycle Ride Jun 7, 2022
Ch. 10Stuck Jun 6, 2022
Ch. 9Tripped Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 8Graffiti Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 7Waiting Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 6Detention Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 5Escape Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 4Painting Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 3Rico Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 2Reprimanded Jun 5, 2022
Ch. 1Sleepyhead Jun 5, 2022

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