Crown_Silver | Nov 4, 2021
The love between a Vampire and an Humanoid Dragon? Imagine several types of world with different races. The world of wolves, world of Vampires, world of Dragons, world of humans. World of dwarfs, world of beasts. Although they are different worlds, in different...
Sagitarious1980 | Nov 4, 2021
They fell in love silently without any acknowledgement of their relationship but one night changed everything when they finally consummated their relationship. And in the morning when Hudson woke up, Callie was gone and it turned his world upside down. Callie Clarke a...
Lijah | Nov 2, 2021
Anya Moore is a pop sensation with lots of people who look up to her, though her passion is something else. Sadie Ozoa wants to chase her dreams and doesn’t want to take no for an answer, but it feels like she doesn’t have a choice. But unexpected decisions they made...
agirlwhowrites | Oct 31, 2021
She was Forced to marry him.. she just did this to save her mother She thought he hated her but what happen when everything around her was just lies and she was trapped into it.. She was his Obsession and He could go to any extent to get her.. He wants her all for...
Sophie oliseh | Oct 30, 2021
S.O.I.N.A = when a love like marriage ends up being a complete disaster, a young lady, most be reborn in other to get her life back on track, but first, a dance of revenge. (SONIA)
Sophie oliseh | Oct 30, 2021
it's every girl's dream to get married, yet when the lives of two beautiful women " Sonia DeLeon and Elena brimstone" intertwine, Sonia must take possession of Elena's body to expose her cheating husband, neither did she know that the owner of that body she possessed...
Anonymous Author | Oct 29, 2021
An angel sacrifices his own wings and almost kills himself in the process to rescue a lost soul that was raped by three men and left for dead. Gabriella Finn serviced a brutal attack only to find herself dating one of her rapists. Will she find out in time? Will her...
Sophie oliseh | Oct 29, 2021
A lady gets attracted to two brothers, Alvin Fisher and David Fisher, can she be able to find where her heart lies.
AlexandraSofi | Oct 29, 2021
A fanfiction for Miraculous Tales of Ladybug And Catnoir.
Sonitaolise | Oct 28, 2021
Sara Scott- best graduating student of economics, but what happens when she gets a job as a nanny to Liam Khan's son, will spark fly or will she get into trouble by falling for her boss. READ TO FIND OUT