Love Of Darkness
By Sofimed17
Last Post: June 5, 2022

Sonia, a lovely young lady who enrolled in medical school and met a charming young man named Dani. Because Sonia is a narcissistic person who would do everything to obtain what she wants. The beautiful encounter was the most perilous time in the boy's life. The problems began when she suspected he was cheating on her with other women. Sonia isn't just any girl; she's a serial murderer. Unfortunately, he fell in love and fathered a kid with a killer. When the cops learn the truth about Sonia, she is arrested and sent to jail, where her best friend, Lyna, is waiting to save her. When Sonia flees, the story will not end because Lyna's husband, Steven, will persuade Lyna that they must save Danifrom Sonia, a serial murderer, but it will be too late for Sonia to kill him. The difficulty is that Lyna will never know the truth until Sonia murders her husband Steven, at which point Lyna will seek vengeance on Sonia, who has fled the area. And the drama will come to a close with Sonia's death at the hands of Lyna.

You need 5 points to view each paid chapter.

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