What Her preaching did to me.
By Igboanusi Ogechi
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My name is Melvin, 18 years old, dark-skinned, and intelligent. I had high hopes when I left the shores of Agulu for Lagos in search of greener pastures. Life has not been easy, it was head in a desert and feet in thorns before I could make it through high school. If you grew without a father and amid relatives who don't care, then you know what I mean.




The air was damp and the harmattan breeze was not in anybody's favor. I was visibly shaking, I rushed my bath because the water was too cold, with shaky hands I applied vaseline and wore the almost brown singlet, my pants, and the sleeved dress I got from a roadside seller, combed my hair, and got my things in place. I took a final look, I am going to miss everything and even the calmness of this village and most especially my mom... The goal is to make momma proud, let's go make momma proud!

The bus park was busy with people trying to get their tickets and bus conductors shouting here and there. I quickly secured a space for myself in the queue. At exactly 10 am we made it for Lagos.

Step in my shoes and see life from my view, a life with so many twists, when you wake every morning as you should never do, and when you look through the window you see a world meant for the fittest.

It is often said that a person can be whatever they resolve to be, well, I am among those who have resolved to be great in life, having been through a lot. I lost dad at a very tender age, from picking palm nuts to selling fruits and clearing people's farms, that's how I survived in the past years. Jude was the relative who showed care and I hope my life takes a better turn.

I was distracted from my thought when the vehicle came to a halt.

"Have we reached?"

"Yes, we are have arrived "

I looked out the window and I saw a billboard with words inscribed on it "WELCOME TO LAGOS"

I was completely mesmerized by the view before me. I almost screamed when I saw the waterfall, oh my world!

The flowers beside the road all are well-shaped.

The tall buildings are mind-blowing.

"Mr, you need to step down, you are taking too much time" that was the driver sounding upset.

"Sorry sir I was carried away"

"It seems like it is your first time in Lagos"

"You are right sir"

"Welcome to Lagos"

"Thank you, sir"

I stepped down and closed the door.

The road was busy, unlike Agulu. It was fun watching people jump into buses and the bus drivers don't care if you get injured in the process.

Luckily I have the address to uncle Jude's house. I hopped into a bus.

"Where you dey go?" The driver spoke in pidgin.

"Mile 2"

"You get change?"


"Enter the bus"

I hopped in and sat down. A nursing mother was sitting next to me, her baby smiled at me, such a cutie with her little brown eyes and dimples. I smiled back and she giggled. I can't say what I feel right now.



I arrived at my uncle's place at exactly 7 pm

The road to his house was dusty, I had to use my nose mask. I failed my uncles' number just to tell him I have reached.

"Good evening..."

"How are you?....have you reached?"

"Yes, sir........ok, wait, look ahead, you will see a house painted with white, I am waiting for you there"

"Ok, sir."

I looked ahead of me and saw the building, I took long strides toward it, and there my uncle was waiting for me. If this wasn't excitement, I wonder what you call it. My uncle was looking fresher and bigger. I guess he is doing well.

"Aww, see my fine nephew"

I blushed. If only knows what I go through in the village.

"Good evening sir," I said amid smiles.

"Good evening, dear"

"How is your mom?"

"She is fine sir"

"I know you tired, come let's go inside"

The room wasn't so big, but I like it. The room was painted blue, my favorite.

The room didn't meet my expectation, but I like it anyway. I wanted to get cold water from the fridge only to discover the fridge is bad. I was served rice and was given a choke to chill; this is just what I need right now. I didn't realize when I dozed off. It is good to be home.




I woke up to the voice of a woman preaching, we call it "early morning cry "

"Repent the kingdom of God is at hand"

"By this time next year, Jesus will come to take his people home"

Wow! Just wow!

But, the bible said, no man knows when Jesus Christ will come. How come she knows when Jesus will come?

I wanted to ask Jude but found him fast asleep, I will wait till he wakes up.

I asked him for money to buy jamb form and he reminded me of the wons preaching. In his words, he said "don't you hear when that woman is preaching? I can't give you the money. Giving you the money is a whole waste because Jesus is coming next year"

I have never seen anyone so dumb as my uncle. I tried to object.

"But, sir nobody knows when Jesus Christ will come"

"Who you that?"

"My Bible tells me so"

"Well I am sorry, but I can't give you the money. Tomorrow we will go to the vulcanizer shop where you can't start learning"

Today I am on the street because of wrong preaching. I am illiterate today because of this.

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