By Igboanusi Ogechi
Last Post: February 10, 2022

I was bumped into by a lady on my way to the office. The coffee she held in her hands spilled on me. I frowned but it disappeared when I Saw Her Twitch Her Lips And Blinked Her Eyes Repeatedly, She Must Be Thinking Of The Best Way To Apologize Right Now. I Folded My Hands On My Chest And Studied Her Face.
"I Am Sorry Ma'am".

I Didn't Say Anything I Only Nodded My Head.
Now, it is her turn to stare or maybe she is wondering why I am being calm. Her eyes move to cloth and then to my shoes and my wristwatch. Right...she must be thinking I am super-rich of which I am. Her expression wants to make me laugh but I am resisting it. Looking at her closely she looks like the younger me. I was once a waitress too; I did that to pay off my tuition fees. Memories!

I was distracted from my though when she spoke for the second time.
"I can help you wash them ma"
I released a dry laugh and quickly sobered up.
"I will give them to the laundry"
"Thank you so much and I am very sorry for the inconveniences that I might have caused you"
"What is your name?"
"Alice. Ma'am"
"What a nice name you got, Alice. You can go. You are running late" with that said I made for my office. It's been a while here. I have been on vacation.
I approached my office and looked at the writing the door before I entered: THE CEO. ZOEY'S ENTERPRISE.

Stepping into the office I was welcomed with a nice smell. I inhaled the scent and closed my eyes for some minutes. Clara is doing a nice job here.
"It is good to have you back ma'am"
I opened my eyes and it met with Clara staring at me with a sweet smile plastered on her face.
"Good morning. It is nice to be here again and you are doing a good job too"

"Thank you, ma'am. What should I offer you"
"Hmm. Coldwater will do"
"Ok ma"
"And also tell Jude to come in with the files"
"Yes, ma" without wasting much time she made for the door. I watched her leave before sinking into my office chair. Not feeling comfortable I stood up and folded my arms on my chest and stared outside the window; from there I could see half of the city. I turned slightly to study the portrait on the wall.


Some days I wanted to let my guard down,
Some days I don't wanna fight no more,
And some days I want to pick pebbles.

Hypocrites would say; if you can't fight, then you let it go, but I chose to be different. Some pick hard stones and others, pebbles and I wish I could pick in between the two.

*let's go down the memory lane*

To be continued.

Chapters Date
Ch. 2The classroom. Feb 10, 2022
Ch. 1MEMORIES Feb 10, 2022

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