By Igboanusi Ogechi
Date: February 10, 2022

San Francisco.

Martins penthouse.

Mrs, Martins folded her arms on her chest as she watched Zoey sleep comfortably.

"She doesn't know she is late for school" she frowned and continued staring at her.

Bin, bin... The alarm shook on the lam stand when it was placed carefully. She averted her gaze to the alarm clock.


Zoey folded herself under the duvet and spread her two legs wide apart.

Mrs, Martins fought back the laughter as she closed her mouth with her hands.

"Wake up Zoey!"

Zoey's p.o.v

I grumbled under the duvet when I heard the alarm clock. The night moved too fast. I still feel sleepy.


I reached for the pillow and covered my ears with it. Then I heard mom's voice.

"Wake up Zoey!"

I pretended not to hear her. I tried reaching for the alarm clock with my hands and I couldn't find it, of course, I would not be able, I can't see it. I stopped searching and folded myself more with the duvet.

"I know you ain't sleeping"

"It is 7:30 already. You gonna be late for school"

"What? Mom!"

"Why didn't you wake me up on time?"

Mom frowned.

"You have lost your manners. You can greet?"

"Good morning mom. I said and released a tired yawn"

"Will you get off the bed and go set for school?"

"And come down quickly, breakfast is served"

With that said she left my room.

"Phew," I exhaled. It's gonna be another stressful day in school. I touched my chest, it is beating fast right now, we are having a test today!

I am so in for trouble. The three rude girls would come for me for exposing them to sir, James. I pray they don't.

I wore my flip-flops for the bathroom, took my towel hanging on the door, and locked the bathroom door.

Inside the bathroom, I faced the mirror and studied my face.

"Hmm," I hummed.

I read from a book last night that I could be whatever I want to be.

I wish I can start seeing myself that way, but I am lost in my thought.


I stepped into the class and the whole class was noisy. I hate noise. I took my handkerchief and cleaned my desk and seat.

"Good morning Alex"

"Good morning, Caleb" I relied absentmindedly on on. He is in for talks this morning and I am not in for it.

"Can I come to sit with you today?"

"Because you know there is gonna be a test?"


"Get loss, Caleb!"

"Tell that to your books!" I said and scoffed





"Hi, Alexa"

"I thought I asked you to get lost?"


"What are you still waiting for" I replied still flipping through my textbook.


That's when I raised my head


"Yeah, Zoey"

"Sorry I thought it was Caleb"

"Don't bother" she replied walking away. I guess she is angry.


"How could she?" I grumbled sat down.

I might stop talking to her. You must be wondering who Alexa is; she is my best friend and study partner and she is way more intelligent than I am.

"I feel so bad right now" I kicked my foot on the ground and pulled out some strands of my hair.

"Take it easy," Giddy said smiling.

"What's funny?" I stared at his brow teeth and hissed.

"Maybe you should mind your business"


Everyone went quiet as Mr, James (chemistry teacher) wrote on the board "TEST" some students shifted uncomfortably in their sit. They didn't prepare for the test.

"Good morning student," he said in his British accent.

"Good morning sir"

"We all know about the test right?"

"Yes sir"

"Very good without wasting much time. Let's dive into the day's business"

"Bring out your pen and paper as we start"

"Ok sir"

To be continued

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