Triplets Goddesses Series 1
By NamhyeBlueMoon
Last Post: July 10, 2024

This Novel is about triplets who were born non-identical and grew up in the mortal world, hiding the multiple powers and abilities they possess. They also have unparalleled beauty from head to toe, similar to goddesses, which made their lives more challenging. Through their long journey, they surpassed these trials, growing stronger, but they needed to change their ways. They became wicked, wearing masks to conceal their inherent beauty, now feared in the academy. But what if the answers to their questions are not in the Arbexuelon Academy? Not in the immortal world? In a universe with five worlds, they would enter another world where they no longer needed to be wicked.

They would reveal what they hid behind their masks. Would their questions be answered in this world, known as the Unknown World?What is their role? Why do they need to uncover the true name of the Unknown World? Why must they overcome trials, and why them? Who are they?

Meet Xiandrellyn Blue Myers, the eldest of the triplets. She is not overly cheerful nor excessively talkative, just right, but she becomes colder because of what will happen.
Next is Crimson Red, the second among the siblings, capable of igniting flames.
And the third among them is Sharlene Shine Yellow Myers. She's not that talkative; she will be the silent girl in their journey. Even though she's silent, don't underestimate her; she possesses electrifying power.
Once again, the Triplets: Mess with them, you'll die.

Chapters Date
Ch. 24Twenty-four Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 23Twenty-three Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 22Twenty-two Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 21Twenty-one Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 20Twenty Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 19Nineteen Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 18Eighteen Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 17Seventeen Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 16Sixteen Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 15Fifteen Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 14Fourteen Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 13Thirteen Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 12Twelve Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 11Eleven Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 10Ten Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 9Nine Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 8Eight Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 7Seven Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 6Six Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 5 Five Jul 10, 2024
Ch. 4Blue's nightmare Jul 4, 2024
Ch. 3Don't mess with them Jul 1, 2024
Ch. 2Their Identity Jul 1, 2024
Ch. 1The Mortal World Jul 1, 2024

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