The Rise of Alpha And Luna
By HollyMuyak
Last Post: November 25, 2022

She's Bella, a white, lean, with green eyes, teenage girl, and on her 17th birthday it was her first shift as a wolf, and when she was in my wolf form, she found her mate, the Alpha. But her newly found mate got a she-wolf pregnant and she was carrying her mate’s pup. The pregnant female was always the attention of Bella's mate. He protected her, he cared for her hair, he gave her attention, because only she was carrying his pup, Bella's future. Bella's wolf wanted to rip her from limb by limb because she trapped Bella's mate when she was in her heat and no male can resist a female heat. She trapped Bella's mate because he is an alpha and she wanted to be a Luna , so she could steal Bella's position. She wants the power that Bella's mate holds. She get Bella's mate, Bella's title, her future, and her happiness, and Bella will not allow that to happen.

Chapters Date
Ch. 2222 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 2121 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 2020 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1919 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1818 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1717 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1616 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1515 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1414 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1313 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 12Betrayals Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 1111 Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 10Chills To Bone Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 9He Is The Alpha? Nov 24, 2022
Ch. 8Denied Nov 25, 2022
Ch. 7On My Knee Nov 24, 2022
Ch. 6There's Something Fishy Nov 24, 2022
Ch. 5Alpha And Omega's Fight Nov 24, 2022
Ch. 4Rip Her Wolf Nov 24, 2022
Ch. 3Pain Nov 24, 2022
Ch. 2Jealousy Nov 24, 2022
Ch. 1Broken Nov 24, 2022

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