The Misjudged Alpha
By call_me_mirror
Last Post: January 28, 2023

"It was a regular day like any other when I got into the Hardwood Forest.

However, staring at the terribly wounded human with a deadly poison almost engulfing his heart, I was utterly confused. I couldn't help wondering, " how did he get here?"

"Oh yeah! How do I know his heart was almost engulfed with poison?  The answer is simple. I saw through his organs."

Gosh! Do I regret saving him? I don't even know, but one thing I know is that I want to be with the seemingly dangerous man, even though I feel strongly that it's best to avoid him."

More than five centuries ago, Annabel the elf princess, Celine the vampire princess, and Monella the werewolf royal joined their powers to stop the century-long rivalry among their kind. They aimed to unite all beings within the realm. 

One among them was to wield that unimaginable power but they were all killed before the transference. 

Hidden in an inconspicuous pendant on Monella's neck, she kept it away, wishing it finds its rightful owner.

NB: The Book cover is mine

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